Defines Configuration Manager 2007 management provider error codes. Namespace: Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ManagementProvider
Assembly: Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ManagementProvider (in microsoft.configurationmanagement.managementprovider.dll)


Visual Basic
Dim instance As SmsErrorCode


Visual Basic
Public Enumeration SmsErrorCode As Long
public enum SmsErrorCode : long
public enum class SmsErrorCode : long long
public enum SmsErrorCode
public enum SmsErrorCode


Member name Description
E_BC_CREAT_INST Cannot create base class instance.
E_CIMOM_CREAT_CONN Cannot connect to CIMOM.
E_COM_CREAT_INST CoCreateInstance failed.
E_FILE_CREAT_FILE File creation error.
E_FILE_CREATE_DIR Folder creation error.
E_FILE_INST_FILE File error.
E_FILE_OPEN_FILE File open error.
E_FILE_PERST_FILE File persistence error.
E_FILE_WRITE_FILE File write error.
E_INT_CREAT_INST Cannot create object instance .
E_INT_CREAT_INST_AE Cannot create an instance that does not exist.
E_INT_DEL_INST Cannot delete error.
E_INT_LOCK_COLL Cannot not lock the collection.
E_INT_OPEN_INST Cannot not open object instance.
E_INT_OPEN_PROP Cannot not find object property.
E_INT_PERST_INST Cannot persist object instance.
E_INT_READ_LINE Cannot read text.
E_INT_VAL_COLL Cannot verify collection.
E_INT_VAL_DATA Cannot validate data.
E_INT_VAL_METHOD Invalid method call.
E_INT_VAL_METHOD_NS Unsupported method.
E_INT_VAL_PARAM Cannot validate parameter.
E_INT_VAL_PARAM_BP Object instance passed with bad properties.
E_INT_VAL_QUERY Cannot parse WQL query.
E_INT_VAL_QUERY_NS Unsupported query.
E_INT_WRITE_COLL Cannot update collections.
E_INT_WRITE_INST Cannot write instance.
E_INT_WRITE_INST_NF Cannot write to object that does not exist.
E_INT_WRITE_INST_RO Cannot write to an instance of a read-only class.
E_MEM_CREAT_MEM Cannot allocate memory.
E_NET_CREAT_CONN Cannot allocate memory.
E_NET_READ_CONN Cannot read from network connection.
E_NONE No error.
E_REG_CREAT_CONN Cannot connect to the registry.
E_REG_OPEN_DATA Cannot get data from the registry.
E_SEC_CREAT_CONN Cannot get security source connection.
E_SEC_CREAT_DESC Cannot initialize security descriptor.
E_SEC_OPEN_RIGHTS Cannot get rights for object instance.
E_SEC_READ_COLLLIMIT Request to read resource/group data with missing or incorrect collection limiting.
E_SEC_VAL_RIGHT Cannot validate security rights.
E_SEC_VAL_USER Invalid user login.
E_SQL_CREAT_CONN Cannot get SQL Server connection.
E_SQL_CREAT_TRANS Cannot open SQL Server transaction.
E_SQL_DEL_ROW Cannot delete a SQL Server row.
E_SQL_EXEC_METHOD Cannot run SQL Server stored procedure.
E_SQL_EXEC_QUERY Cannot run a SQL Server query.
E_SQL_OPEN_ROW Cannot open a SQL Server row.
E_SQL_PERST_ROW Cannot insert a SQL Server row.
E_SQL_READ_ROW Cannot read a SQL Server row.
E_SQL_VAL_CONN General SQL Server problem.
E_SQL_WRITE_ROW Cannot update a SQL Server row.
E_SQL_WRITE_TRANS Cannot commit a SQL Server transaction.


Development Platforms

Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista

Target Platforms

Windows Server 2003,Windows Vista

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