Supplies core functionality for creating and managing scope nodes within the Configuration Manager 2007 console. Namespace: Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole
Assembly: Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement (in microsoft.configurationmanagement.dll)


Visual Basic
Dim instance As ScopeNodeBase


Visual Basic
<DebuggerDisplayAttribute("ScopeNodeBase.Displayname: {DisplayName}")> _
Public Class ScopeNodeBase
		Inherits ScopeNode
		Implements IDisposable
[DebuggerDisplayAttribute("ScopeNodeBase.Displayname: {DisplayName}")] 
public class ScopeNodeBase : ScopeNode, IDisposable
[DebuggerDisplayAttribute(L"ScopeNodeBase.Displayname: {DisplayName}")] 
public ref class ScopeNodeBase : public ScopeNode, IDisposable
/** @attribute DebuggerDisplayAttribute("ScopeNodeBase.Displayname: {DisplayName}") */ 
public class ScopeNodeBase extends ScopeNode implements IDisposable
DebuggerDisplayAttribute("ScopeNodeBase.Displayname: {DisplayName}") 
public class ScopeNodeBase extends ScopeNode implements IDisposable


This class inherits from the Microsoft.ManagementConsole.ScopeNode class. Therefore, the defined scope node supports children that allow the creation of a tree structure and the display of an expansion icon to signify that the node has child elements. The node manages the extraction of image information from node descriptions and the addition of the images to the image lists of the Configuration Manager snap-in so that they can be displayed. It also manages the creation and initialization of actions and result views, the display of a progress bar for long operations, and the calculation of a fully-qualified path to nodes in the tree. The path is used to uniquely identify the scope node for persisting user settings into the console file (.msc extension).

The scope node is also associated with view descriptions, represented by the ViewDescriptionBase class. The inherited ViewDescriptions collection property of the scope node is used to specify the set of result views available for the scope node.

A class derived from this class is ConsoleParentNode.

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Development Platforms

Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista

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Windows Server 2003,Windows Vista

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