CacheElement is an interface in Configuration Manager 2007 that exposes all the properties for an item in the software distribution client cache.


Name Description

ICacheElement::CacheElementId Property

Indicates the ID that uniquely identifies a cache element.

ICacheElement::ContentId Property

Indicates the ID of the content that is in the cache.

ICacheElement::ContentSize Property

Indicates the size of the content in this cache element.

ICacheElement::ContentVersion Property

Indicates the version of the cache element.

ICacheElement::LastReferenceTime Property

Indicates the last time the cache element was referenced or used.

ICacheElement::Location Property

Indicates the full path of the cache element.

ICacheElement::ReferenceCount Property

Indicates the number of objects inside software distribution that are referencing the cache element.


The ProgID for the automation object is UIResource.CacheElement, and it is implemented as part of UIResource.dll. The Visual Basic reference for early binding is UIResource 1.0 Type Library. The early binding object name is CacheElement.


Runtime Requirements


For more information, see Configuration Manager Client Runtime Requirements

Development Requirements


For more information, see Configuration Manager Client Development Requirements

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