The ISmsMessage4 interface, in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007, extends ISmsMessage Interface by implementing methods that are used by the management point API.

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ISmsMessage4::SetClientCertificate Method

Sets the client certificate to use for signing and communication.

ISmsMessage4::SetEncryptionCertificatesStore Method

Sets the certificates to use for encrypting outgoing data.

ISmsMessage4::SetHashAlgorithm Method

Sets the hash algorithm to use while signing data.

ISmsMessage4::SetPort Method

Sets the port to use for communication.

ISmsMessage4::SetProxy Method

Sets the proxy to use for communication.

ISmsMessage4::SetSecurityFlags Method

Sets the security flags for a management point interface message.

ISmsMessage4::VerifyServerSignature Method

Verifies the payload signature of a reply message.

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