IProgram is an interface, in Configuration Manager 2007, that exposes all the properties for an available program.

Methods and Properties

Name Description

IProgram::AdditionalRequirements Property

A text value that provides additional requirements for the program.

IProgram::Comments Property

Returns the comments for this program, which were set by the Configuration Manager administrator.

IProgram::CompletionAction Property

Indicates the required actions when the program finishes.

IProgram::DependentPackageId Property

Represents the ID of the package to which the dependent program belongs.

IProgram::DependentProgId Property

The Configuration Manager identifier of a program on which this program depends.

IProgram::Enabled Property

Indicates whether the program is enabled for execution.

IProgram::EstimatedDiskSpace Property

Indicates the disk space that is required to run the program.

IProgram::ExecutionState Property

Indicates whether this program has been successfully run.

IProgram::ExpiryTime Property

Gets the time after which programs will no longer be offered to client. This is set at the time that the program was advertised to the client.

IProgram::FullName Property

Returns the program name that is presented to the user.

IProgram::GetCategories Method

Returns all the categories to which this program belongs.

IProgram::Id Property

A unique identifier that is used to identify each program.

IProgram::InstallsApplication Property

Indicates whether the program installs an application or runs a script.

IProgram::LastExitCode Property

Gets the last exit code that was returned by a software program after it ran and was completed with a failure.

IProgram::LastRunTime Property

Returns the date and time when this program was last run.

IProgram::MaxRuntime Property

Indicates the maximum amount of time that the program takes to execute.

IProgram::Name Property

Provides the name of the program that is used to identify the program to a user.

IProgram::PackageId Property

Indicates the ID of the package to which this program belongs.

IProgram::PackageLanguage Property

Indicates the language of the program.

IProgram::PackageName Property

Indicates the name of the package to which this program belongs.

IProgram::PackagePublisher Property

Indicates the publisher of the program and package.

IProgram::PackageSourceSize Property

Returns the total size of the content associated with the program.

IProgram::RequiresUserInput Property

Indicates whether this program requires user input.

IProgram::RunDependent Property

Retrieves a Boolean representing whether dependent programs are run for a program when it is run. This property can be set as a program property from the Configuration Manager console.

IProgram::StartTime Property

Indicates when this program was first made available by the administrator.

IProgram::Version Property

Indicates the current version of the program package.


The ProgID for the automation object is UIResource.Program and it is implemented as part of UIResource.dll. The Visual Basic reference for early binding is UIResource 1.0 Type Library. The early binding object name is Program.



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