The ICIINFO interface, in Configuration Manager 2007, can represent the properties of a configuration item which has been downloaded and stored by the Desired Configuration Management client or the properties of a baseline configuration item in a Desired Configuration Management Agent job in the client data store. In both cases, the configuration item is either a (top level/root) baseline or a Software Updates configuration item.

The interface inherits from IUnknown.

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The following table lists the methods in the ICIINFO interface.

Term Definition

ICIINFO::GetCategory Method

Gets a localized category name by index and the group name of the category.

ICIINFO::GetCategoryCount Method

Gets the count of categories applied to the configuration item.

ICIINFO::GetCIPresence Method

Gets the current presence for the configuration item.

ICIINFO::GetContextInfo Method

Gets the context information by name from the configuration item.

ICIINFO::GetDependantPackages Method

Gets dependent package information for the configuration item.

ICIINFO::GetDetailedComplianceInfo Method

Gets detailed compliance information from the last compliance evaluation run for the configuration item.

ICIINFO::GetEvalState Method

Gets the current evaluation state of the configuration item.

ICIINFO::GetId Method

Gets the ID of the configuration item.

ICIINFO::GetJobState Method

Gets the current operational job state of the configuration item that is part of a job or task.

ICIINFO::GetLastEvalTime Method

Gets the last evaluation time for the configuration item.

ICIINFO::GetProperty Method

Gets a named property value from the configuration item.

ICIINFO::GetSdmTypeName Method

Gets the fully qualified name of a root configuration item.

ICIINFO::GetVersion Method

Gets the version of the configuration item.


To obtain this interface, the application calls the IDCMSDK Interface. The application calls the IDCMAgentCallback Interface interface to respond to agent calls.


The UUID for ICIINFO is ACF43B8E-23A2-4923-B421-CB918FC5CA1F.

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