In Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 you use the TsMediaClass Client COM Automation Class to create boot media, stand-alone media, and capture media.

The dynamic link library for the TsMediaClass Client COM Automation Class is TsMediaApi.dll. It is installed as part of the Configuration Manager 2007 software development kit.

TsMediaClass Client COM Automation Class supports the following functions:

Method Description

ITsMediaClass::CreateBootMedia Method

Used to create task sequence boot media. When it is deployed, the boot media downloads policy from the management point and allows the user to run the task sequence.

ITsMediaClass::CreateCaptureMedia Method

Used to capture an operating system image from a reference computer. Capture media is a special case of full media capture in which the task sequence is predetermined.

ITsMediaClass::CreateStandaloneMedia Method

Used to create a full operating system image. The image is self-contained and does not require a connection to a Configuration Manager 2007 site. All polices, package content, etc. are written to the media.

Registering TsMediaAPI.DLL

Use the following steps to register TSMediaAPI.dll

To register TSMediaAPI.dll
  1. Locate TSMediaAPI.dll in the SDK folder <InstallDir>\Samples\OperatingSystemDeployment\CreateTSMediaAPI.

  2. Copy TSMediaAPI.dll to any folder on the computer running Configuration Manager.

  3. Run regsvr32 on TSMediaAPI.dll.

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