To call a client Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class method, in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007, you call the InvokeMethod of the WMI class's ManagementClass.

To call a WMI class method

  1. Set up a connection to the Configuration Manager 2007 client WMI namespace. For more information, see How to Connect to the Configuration Manager Client WMI Namespace by Using System.Management.

  2. Create a ManagementClass by using the ManagementScope path you obtain in step one, and also the name of the class you want to call a method on.

  3. Create a ManagementBaseObject and specify any in parameters for the method.

  4. Call the method by using the ManagementClass object InvokeMethod method.

  5. Using the returned ManagementBaseObject, view the returned parameters.


The following C# code example calls the ISmsClient::GetAssignedSite Method method to get the current assigned site for the client. It then sets the assigned site back to the same value using the ISmsClient::SetAssignedSite Method method.

For information about calling the sample code, see How to Call a WMI Class Method by Using System.Management.

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public void CallMethod(ManagementScope scope)
	try// Get the client's SMS_Client class.
		ManagementClass cls = new ManagementClass(scope.Path.Path, "sms_client", null);

		// Get current site code.
		ManagementBaseObject outSiteParams = cls.InvokeMethod("GetAssignedSite", null, null);

		// Display current site code.

		// Set up current site code as input parameter for SetAssignedSite.
		ManagementBaseObject inParams = cls.GetMethodParameters("SetAssignedSite");
		inParams["sSiteCode"] = outSiteParams["sSiteCode"].ToString();

		// Assign the Site code.
		ManagementBaseObject outMPParams = cls.InvokeMethod("SetAssignedSite", inParams, null);
	catch (ManagementException e)
		throw new Exception("Failed to execute method", e);

This example method has the following parameters:

Parameter Type Description


  • ManagementScope

A valid connection to the client WMI provider. The path is root\ccm.

Compiling the Code






Robust Programming

The exception that can be raised is System.Management.ManagementException.

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