You register an ISV proxy with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 by importing its certificate, or by renewing its existing certificate.

To renew an existing ISV proxy certificate, the subject name must match the subject name of the old certificate.

For information about getting the ISV proxy's certificate, see How to Export an ISV Proxy Certificate.

To register an ISV Proxy

  1. In the Configuration Manager 2007 console, navigate to Configuration Manager / <Site server name> / Site Management / <Site code> - <Site Name> / Site Settings / Certificates /ISV Proxy.

  2. In the Actions pane, click Register New ISV Proxy.

  3. Select Register Certificate for a New ISV Proxy if you want to register a new ISV proxy. Then, enter the certificate location in the Certificate dialog box.

  4. Select Renew certificate for an Existing ISV Proxy if you want to renew the certificate for an existing ISV proxy. Then, select the existing certificate in the Certificate Issued To dialog box.

  5. Click OK to finish registering the ISV proxy.

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