Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) are used, in Adminconsole.xml, to identify parts of the Configuration Manager 2007 console. For example, the action you create in How to Create a Configuration Manager Action is placed on the Software Updates node in the console tree view by using the GUID 392b72f3-1c83-42e1-90ed-611798bc0dd0.

Elements that contain the namespaceGuid attribute are part of the console. For example, the following element declares the software updates node:

<RootNodeDescription NamespaceGuid="392b72f3-1c83-42e1-90ed-611798bc0dd0" Id="SmsSoftwareUpdatesNode" DisplayName="SUMName" Description="SUMDescription" HelpTopic="9af099dc-3713-463d-bd50-0e4cd07c48fb">

Determining the correct GUID for your Configuration Manager console extension to use can be difficult because you must navigate through Adminconsole.xml to the correct element.

One approach is to open the Adminconsole.xml file in Visual Studio and collapse all the XML nodes. After the XML is collapsed, expand ConsoleNodesRootDescription and then RootNodeDescription.

RootNodeDescription contains further RootNodeDescription elements for each of the major Configuration Manager features displayed in the Configuration Manager console tree view. By expanding these, you can navigate to the required part of the Configuration Manager console and get the GUID from the appropriate XML element.

Namespace GUIDs can be associated with several types of elements. For more information, see Configuration Manager Console Node XML.

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