In Configuration Manager 2007, the DDRNew function begins a new data discovery record (DDR).

	 [in] BSTR Architecture,
	 [in] BSTR AgentName,
	 [in] BSTR SiteCode



Name of the architecture. The name can refer to an existing or new architecture. The name is used to determine the resource class name. For example, specifying Car identifies the SMS_R_Car resource class.

Discovery agent that reports the DDR. This name, which should be unique, is added to the AgentName property array.

Site where the resource was discovered. This site name is added to the AgentSite property array.

Return Values

The DDRNew function always returns S_OK.


You must call this function first for each DDR that you create; calling this function begins your DDR.

The sArchitecture string is used to identify your resource class name and can take one of the following forms:

  • A single word such as Car, which you can use to identify the SMS_R_Car resource class.

  • A multiword string such as Carpool Inventory, which you can use to identify the SMS_R_CarpoolInventory resource class.

  • A DMTF-formatted string such as ACME|Car|1.0, which you can use to identify the SMS_R_ACME_Car_1_0 resource class.

  • The string "System" identifies a computer system.

The agent name, sAgentName, should always be filled in and should identify the program used to generate the DDR.


Runtime Requirements



For more information, see Configuration Manager Server Runtime Requirements.

Development Requirements

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