Software metering server Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 support file metering on the server.

The Configuration Manager 2007 server class schema is a set of WMI classes that represent the objects found on a server running Configuration Manager. Each Configuration Manager class is a template for a managed object and all instances of the object use the template. Classes can contain properties and methods. The properties describe the class data and the methods typically perform data management. For more information about developing applications using these classes, see About Configuration Manager SDK Requirements.

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SMS_FileUsageSummary Server WMI Class

Provides a usage summary of a metered file.

SMS_G_System_SoftwareUsageData Server WMI Class

Provides a view of raw metering data that combines file and user information with the raw data.

SMS_MeterData Server WMI Class

Represents captured software metering data.

SMS_MeteredFiles Server WMI Class

Represents metered files and implements the matching between the meter rule and the file information (file ID).

SMS_MeteredProductRule Server WMI Class

Represents the rule that describes which files to meter.

SMS_MeteredUser Server WMI Class

Lists users that have used metered applications.

SMS_MonthlyUsageSummary Server WMI Class

Represents a monthly usage summary for a particular file.

SMS_ProductFileInfo Server WMI Class

Represents a combination of file and product information for inventory and metering.

SMS_SummarizationInterval Server WMI Class

Represents the months that have been summarized by a monthly usage summary.

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