The IDCMSDK interface, in Configuration Manager, represents the Desired Configuration Management SDK and defines methods used to perform operations on baseline configuration items. The interface inherits from IDispatch.

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The following table lists the methods in the IDCMSDK interface.

Method Description

IDCMSDK::EvaluateBaseline Method

Runs discover operation for the provided configuration item ID.

IDCMSDK::GetAssignedBaselines Method

Retrieves the assigned baseline configuration items.

IDCMSDK::GetBaselineComplianceReport Method

Retrieves the cached discovery report for the specified configuration item baseline.

IDCMSDK::GetBaselineInfo Method

Retrieves the configuration item information for the specified configuration item baseline.

IDCMSDK::SetEvaluationCallback Method

Retrieves an existing evaluation job by ID.


The UUID for IDCMSDK is 08595CA8-6A42-4ce1-A1D6-8B6C2811A555.

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