Represents a property page control to display Configuration Manager 2007 exceptions in Microsoft Management Console.

The following tables list the members exposed by the SmsExceptionPageControl type.

Public Constructors

  Name Description
SmsExceptionPageControl Overloaded.  

Protected Fields

  Name Description
protected field static ScrollStateAutoScrolling  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected field static ScrollStateFullDrag  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected field static ScrollStateHScrollVisible  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected field static ScrollStateUserHasScrolled  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected field static ScrollStateVScrollVisible  (inherited from ScrollableControl )

Public Properties (see also Protected Properties )

  Name Description
public property AccessibilityObject  (inherited from Control )
public property AccessibleDefaultActionDescription  (inherited from Control )
public property AccessibleDescription  (inherited from Control )
public property AccessibleName  (inherited from Control )
public property AccessibleRole  (inherited from Control )
public property ActiveControl  (inherited from ContainerControl )
public property AllowDrop  (inherited from Control )
public property Anchor  (inherited from Control )
public property Applied  Gets a value that indicates whether changes have been applied to the page.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property AutoScaleDimensions  (inherited from ContainerControl )
public property AutoScaleMode  (inherited from ContainerControl )
public property AutoScroll  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property AutoScrollMargin  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property AutoScrollMinSize  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property AutoScrollOffset  (inherited from Control )
public property AutoScrollPosition  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property AutoSize  (inherited from UserControl )
public property AutoSizeMode  (inherited from UserControl )
public property AutoValidate  (inherited from UserControl )
public property BackColor  (inherited from Control )
public property BackgroundImage  (inherited from Control )
public property BackgroundImageLayout  (inherited from Control )
public property BindingContext  (inherited from ContainerControl )
public property BorderStyle  (inherited from UserControl )
public property Bottom  (inherited from Control )
public property Bounds  (inherited from Control )
public property CanFocus  (inherited from Control )
public property CanSelect  (inherited from Control )
public property Capture  (inherited from Control )
public property CausesValidation  (inherited from Control )
public property static CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls  (inherited from Control )
public property ClientRectangle  (inherited from Control )
public property ClientSize  (inherited from Control )
public property CompanyName  (inherited from Control )
public property Container  (inherited from Component )
public property ContainsFocus  (inherited from Control )
public property ContextMenu  (inherited from Control )
public property ContextMenuStrip  (inherited from Control )
public property Controls  (inherited from Control )
public property Created  (inherited from Control )
public property CurrentAutoScaleDimensions  (inherited from ContainerControl )
public property Cursor  (inherited from Control )
public property DataBindings  (inherited from Control )
public property static DefaultBackColor  (inherited from Control )
public property static DefaultFont  (inherited from Control )
public property static DefaultForeColor  (inherited from Control )
public property DisplayName  Gets the display name of the page control.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property DisplayRectangle  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property Disposing  (inherited from Control )
public property Dock  (inherited from Control )
public property DockPadding  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property Enabled  (inherited from Control )
public property Focused  (inherited from Control )
public property Font  (inherited from Control )
public property ForceRefresh  Gets a value that indicates whether the parent should be refreshed after management object properties are changed.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property ForeColor  (inherited from Control )
public property Handle  (inherited from Control )
public property HasChildren  (inherited from Control )
public property Headline  Gets or sets the headline to display for the page. This method supports the Configuration Manager infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property Height  (inherited from Control )
public property HelpId  Sets the identifier for the Help topic for the page.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property HorizontalScroll  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property ImeMode  (inherited from Control )
public property Initialized  Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the page control has been initialized.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property InvokeRequired  (inherited from Control )
public property IsAccessible  (inherited from Control )
public property IsDisposed  (inherited from Control )
public property IsHandleCreated  (inherited from Control )
public property IsMirrored  (inherited from Control )
public property IsPageReadOnly  Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the page control is read-only.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property IsPageSetToReadOnly  Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the page is read-only by default. (inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property IsPageXmlDefinedReadOnly  Gets a value that indicates whether the page is defined as read-only in XML.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property LayoutEngine  (inherited from Control )
public property Left  (inherited from Control )
public property Location  (inherited from Control )
public property Margin  (inherited from Control )
public property MaximumSize  (inherited from Control )
public property MinimumSize  (inherited from Control )
public property static ModifierKeys  (inherited from Control )
public property static MouseButtons  (inherited from Control )
public property static MousePosition  (inherited from Control )
public property Name  (inherited from Control )
public property NeedCancelToClose  Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the application should implement a Cancel button to close the page control.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property Padding  (inherited from Control )
public property Parent  (inherited from Control )
public property ParentForm  (inherited from ContainerControl )
public property ParentResultObject  Gets the IResultObject interface to get or set parent control properties.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property PreferredSize  (inherited from Control )
public property ProductName  (inherited from Control )
public property ProductVersion  (inherited from Control )
public property PropertyManager  Gets the IResultObject interface to get or set result object properties.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property RecreatingHandle  (inherited from Control )
public property Region  (inherited from Control )
public property ResetItemCheckState  Sets a value that indicates the item check state for list view and checked list box items.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property Right  (inherited from Control )
public property RightToLeft  (inherited from Control )
public property Site  (inherited from Control )
public property Size  (inherited from Control )
public property TabIndex  (inherited from Control )
public property TabStop  (inherited from Control )
public property Tag  (inherited from Control )
public property Text  (inherited from UserControl )
public property Title  Gets or sets the title to display on the page.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property Top  (inherited from Control )
public property TopLevelControl  (inherited from Control )
public property UserData  Gets the user data objects that are shared by pages on the host.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public property UseWaitCursor  (inherited from Control )
public property VerticalScroll  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property Visible  (inherited from Control )
public property Width  (inherited from Control )
public property WindowTarget  (inherited from Control )

Protected Properties

  Name Description
protected property AutoScaleFactor  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected property CanRaiseEvents  (inherited from Control )
protected property ConnectionManager  Gets the connection manager for the page control.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
protected property ControlsValidator  Gets or sets the validator for the controls on the page. This property supports the Configuration Manager infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
protected property CreateParams  (inherited from UserControl )
protected property DefaultCursor  (inherited from Control )
protected property DefaultImeMode  (inherited from Control )
protected property DefaultMargin  (inherited from Control )
protected property DefaultMaximumSize  (inherited from Control )
protected property DefaultMinimumSize  Gets the minimum size of the page control that is used when the object is created.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
protected property DefaultPadding  (inherited from Control )
protected property DefaultSize  (inherited from UserControl )
protected property DesignMode  (inherited from Component )
protected property DoubleBuffered  (inherited from Control )
protected property Events  (inherited from Component )
protected property FontHeight  (inherited from Control )
protected property HelpTopic  Gets or sets the Help topic for the current page.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
protected property HScroll  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected property IsNewObject  Gets a value that indicates whether the page control is for a new management object.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
protected property NamedValueDictionary  Gets the global named value dictionary.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
protected property ParentControl  Gets the parent control for the page control.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
protected property QueryProcessor  Gets the query processor from the connection manager.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
protected property RenderRightToLeft  Obsolete. (inherited from Control )
protected property ResizeRedraw  (inherited from Control )
protected property ScaleChildren  (inherited from Control )
protected property ShowFocusCues  (inherited from Control )
protected property ShowKeyboardCues  (inherited from Control )
protected property SmsFormType  Gets the form type of the form that is hosting the page control.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
protected property UpdateCallback  Gets the data update delegate for the page control.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
protected property VScroll  (inherited from ScrollableControl )

Public Methods (see also Protected Methods )

  Name Description
public method BeginInvoke  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method BringToFront  (inherited from Control )
public method CanCancelChanges  Determines whether user changes to the page can be reverted.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public method CanKillActive  Determines whether the page control can be deactivated.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public method CanSkip  Determines whether the page can be skipped if it is not visited. This method supports the Configuration Manager infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public method Contains  (inherited from Control )
public method CreateControl  (inherited from Control )
public method CreateGraphics  (inherited from Control )
public method CreateObjRef  (inherited from MarshalByRefObject )
public method Dispose Overloaded.  
public method DoApply  Synchronizes all changes to the page control that are made when the user clicks Apply.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public method DoDragDrop  (inherited from Control )
public method DoOK  Synchronizes all changes to the page control that are made when the user clicks OK.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public method DrawToBitmap  (inherited from Control )
public method EndInvoke  (inherited from Control )
public method Equals  Overloaded. (inherited from Object )
public method FindForm  (inherited from Control )
public method Focus  (inherited from Control )
public method static FromChildHandle  (inherited from Control )
public method static FromHandle  (inherited from Control )
public method GetChildAtPoint  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method GetContainerControl  (inherited from Control )
public method GetErrorString  Gets the current error message for the page.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public method GetHashCode  (inherited from Object )
public method GetLifetimeService  (inherited from MarshalByRefObject )
public method GetNextControl  (inherited from Control )
public method GetPreferredSize  (inherited from Control )
public method GetType  (inherited from Object )
public method Hide  (inherited from Control )
public method InitializeLifetimeService  (inherited from MarshalByRefObject )
public method InitializePageControl Overridden. Initializes the page control when it is created.
public method Invalidate  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method Invoke  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method static IsKeyLocked  (inherited from Control )
public method static IsMnemonic  (inherited from Control )
public method MakeControlsReadOnly  Sets all controls on the page to be read-only.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public method OnActivated  Handles a notification that the page control is activated.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public method OnAddSummary  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
public method OnApplyChanges  Handles a notification that user changes have been synchronized between the page control and the Microsoft Management Console form. The notification follows a call to ApplyChanges.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public method OnDeactivate  Handles a notification that the page is about to be deactivated.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public method OnHandleMultiSelectControls  Handles a notification of the use of a multi-select control, and sets all check boxes on the page to three-state mode.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public method OnHasError  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
public method PerformAutoScale  (inherited from ContainerControl )
public method PerformLayout  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method PointToClient  (inherited from Control )
public method PointToScreen  (inherited from Control )
public method PostApply  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
public method PreProcessControlMessage  (inherited from Control )
public method PreProcessMessage  (inherited from Control )
public method RectangleToClient  (inherited from Control )
public method RectangleToScreen  (inherited from Control )
public method static ReferenceEquals  (inherited from Object )
public method Refresh  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetBackColor  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetBindings  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetCursor  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetFont  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetForeColor  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetImeMode  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetRightToLeft  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetText  (inherited from Control )
public method RestoreControls  Restores all controls on the page that were set to read-only by calls to MakeControlReadOnly and MakeControlsReadOnly back to their original state.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
public method ResumeLayout  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method Scale  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method ScrollControlIntoView  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public method Select  Overloaded. (inherited from ContainerControl )
public method SelectNextControl  (inherited from Control )
public method SendToBack  (inherited from Control )
public method SetAutoScrollMargin  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public method SetBounds  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method Show  (inherited from Control )
public method SuspendLayout  (inherited from Control )
public method ToString  (inherited from Component )
public method Update  (inherited from Control )
public method Validate  Overloaded. (inherited from ContainerControl )
public method ValidateChildren  Overloaded. (inherited from UserControl )

Protected Methods

  Name Description
protected method AccessibilityNotifyClients  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
protected method AddAction  Overloaded. (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method AddActionCorrectiveStepMessage  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method AddActionDetailMessage  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method AddActionErrorMessage  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method AddActionGroup  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method AddActionWarningMessage  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method AdjustFormScrollbars  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected method ApplyChanges  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method BindControlDataAndValidation  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method BindTextDataAndValidation  Overloaded. (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method ClearActionDetails  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method CreateAccessibilityInstance  (inherited from Control )
protected method CreateControlsInstance  (inherited from Control )
protected method CreateHandle  (inherited from Control )
protected method DefWndProc  (inherited from Control )
protected method DestroyHandle  (inherited from Control )
protected method Dispose Overloaded. Overridden.  
protected method Finalize  (inherited from Component )
protected method GetAccessibilityObjectById  (inherited from Control )
protected method GetAdditionalObject  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method GetAutoSizeMode  (inherited from Control )
protected method GetScaledBounds  (inherited from Control )
protected method GetScrollState  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method GetService  (inherited from Component )
protected method GetStyle  (inherited from Control )
protected method GetSummaryItems  Gets a list of summary items for the page control. This method supports the Configuration Manager infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
protected method GetTopLevel  (inherited from Control )
protected method GetValidationRulesForProperty  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method HasError  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method InitLayout  (inherited from Control )
protected method InvokeGotFocus  (inherited from Control )
protected method InvokeLostFocus  (inherited from Control )
protected method InvokeOnClick  (inherited from Control )
protected method InvokePaint  (inherited from Control )
protected method InvokePaintBackground  (inherited from Control )
protected method IsInputChar  (inherited from Control )
protected method IsInputKey  (inherited from Control )
protected method MakeControlReadOnly  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method MemberwiseClone  Overloaded. (inherited from MarshalByRefObject )
protected method NotifyInvalidate  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnAutoSizeChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnAutoValidateChanged  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected method OnBackColorChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnBackgroundImageChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnBackgroundImageLayoutChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnBindingContextChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnCausesValidationChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnChangeUICues  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnClick  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnClientSizeChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnContextMenuChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnContextMenuStripChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnControlAdded  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnControlRemoved  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnCreateControl  (inherited from UserControl )
protected method OnCursorChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnDockChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnDoubleClick  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnDragDrop  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnDragEnter  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnDragLeave  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnDragOver  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnEnabledChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnEnter  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnFontChanged  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected method OnForeColorChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnGiveFeedback  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnGotFocus  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnHandleCreated  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnHandleDestroyed  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnHelpRequested  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method OnImeModeChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnInvalidated  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnKeyDown  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnKeyPress  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnKeyUp  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnLayout  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected method OnLeave  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnLoad  (inherited from UserControl )
protected method OnLocationChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnLostFocus  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMarginChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseCaptureChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseClick  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseDoubleClick  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseDown  (inherited from UserControl )
protected method OnMouseEnter  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseHover  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseLeave  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseMove  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseUp  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseWheel  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method OnMove  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnNotifyMessage  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnPaddingChanged  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method OnPaint  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnPaintBackground  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method OnParentBackColorChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentBackgroundImageChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentBindingContextChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentChanged  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected method OnParentCursorChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentEnabledChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentFontChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentForeColorChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentRightToLeftChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentVisibleChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnPreviewKeyDown  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnPrint  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnQueryContinueDrag  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnRegionChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnResize  (inherited from UserControl )
protected method OnRightToLeftChanged  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method OnScroll  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method OnSizeChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnStyleChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnSystemColorsChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnTabIndexChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnTabStopChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnTextChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnValidated  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnValidating  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnVisibleChanged  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method ProcessCmdKey  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected method ProcessDialogChar  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected method ProcessDialogKey  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected method ProcessKeyEventArgs  (inherited from Control )
protected method ProcessKeyMessage  (inherited from Control )
protected method ProcessKeyPreview  (inherited from Control )
protected method ProcessMnemonic  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected method ProcessTabKey  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected method RaiseDragEvent  (inherited from Control )
protected method RaiseKeyEvent  (inherited from Control )
protected method RaiseMouseEvent  (inherited from Control )
protected method RaisePaintEvent  (inherited from Control )
protected method RecreateHandle  (inherited from Control )
protected method static ReflectMessage  (inherited from Control )
protected method RemoveAdditionalObject  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method RemoveAllAdditionalObjects  Removes all additional result objects from the dictionary, specified by the NamedValueDictionary property.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
protected method RemoveItem  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method ReplaceAction  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method ResetMouseEventArgs  (inherited from Control )
protected method RtlTranslateAlignment  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
protected method RtlTranslateContent  (inherited from Control )
protected method RtlTranslateHorizontal  (inherited from Control )
protected method RtlTranslateLeftRight  (inherited from Control )
protected method SaveAsDefaultValue  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method ScaleControl  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method ScaleCore  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method ScrollToControl  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method Select  Overloaded. (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected method SetAdditionalObject  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method SetAutoSizeMode  (inherited from Control )
protected method SetBoundsCore  (inherited from Control )
protected method SetClientSizeCore  (inherited from Control )
protected method SetDirtyFlag  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method SetDisplayRectLocation  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method SetScrollState  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method SetStyle  (inherited from Control )
protected method SetTopLevel  (inherited from Control )
protected method SetVisibleCore  (inherited from Control )
protected method ShowDialog  Overloaded. (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method ShowMessageBox  Overloaded. (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method ShowWizard  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method SizeFromClientSize  (inherited from Control )
protected method UpdateAction  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method UpdateActionStatus  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method UpdateBounds  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
protected method UpdateDefaultButton  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected method UpdateGroup  (inherited from SmsPageControl )
protected method UpdateStyles  (inherited from Control )
protected method UpdateZOrder  (inherited from Control )
protected method ValidationStateChanged  Triggers a validation state changed event in the wizard framework. This method supports the Configuration Manager infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.(inherited from SmsPageControl)
protected method WndProc  (inherited from UserControl )

Public Events

  Name Description
public event AutoSizeChanged  (inherited from UserControl )
public event AutoValidateChanged  (inherited from UserControl )
public event BackColorChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event BackgroundImageChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event BackgroundImageLayoutChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event BindingContextChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event CausesValidationChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event ChangeUICues  (inherited from Control )
public event Click  (inherited from Control )
public event ClientSizeChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event ContextMenuChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event ContextMenuStripChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event ControlAdded  (inherited from Control )
public event ControlRemoved  (inherited from Control )
public event CursorChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event Disposed  (inherited from Component )
public event DockChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event DoubleClick  (inherited from Control )
public event DragDrop  (inherited from Control )
public event DragEnter  (inherited from Control )
public event DragLeave  (inherited from Control )
public event DragOver  (inherited from Control )
public event EnabledChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event Enter  (inherited from Control )
public event FontChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event ForeColorChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event GiveFeedback  (inherited from Control )
public event GotFocus  (inherited from Control )
public event HandleCreated  (inherited from Control )
public event HandleDestroyed  (inherited from Control )
public event HelpRequested  (inherited from Control )
public event ImeModeChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event Invalidated  (inherited from Control )
public event KeyDown  (inherited from Control )
public event KeyPress  (inherited from Control )
public event KeyUp  (inherited from Control )
public event Layout  (inherited from Control )
public event Leave  (inherited from Control )
public event Load  (inherited from UserControl )
public event LocationChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event LostFocus  (inherited from Control )
public event MarginChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseCaptureChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseClick  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseDoubleClick  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseDown  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseEnter  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseHover  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseLeave  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseMove  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseUp  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseWheel  (inherited from Control )
public event Move  (inherited from Control )
public event PaddingChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event Paint  (inherited from Control )
public event ParentChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event PreviewKeyDown  (inherited from Control )
public event QueryAccessibilityHelp  (inherited from Control )
public event QueryContinueDrag  (inherited from Control )
public event RegionChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event Resize  (inherited from Control )
public event RightToLeftChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event Scroll  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public event SizeChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event StyleChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event SystemColorsChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event TabIndexChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event TabStopChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event TextChanged  (inherited from UserControl )
public event Validated  (inherited from Control )
public event Validating  (inherited from Control )
public event VisibleChanged  (inherited from Control )

Explicit Interface Implementations

  Name Description
System.Windows.Forms.IContainerControl.ActivateControl  (inherited from ContainerControl )
System.Windows.Forms.IDropTarget.OnDragDrop  (inherited from Control )
System.Windows.Forms.IDropTarget.OnDragEnter  (inherited from Control )
System.Windows.Forms.IDropTarget.OnDragLeave  (inherited from Control )
System.Windows.Forms.IDropTarget.OnDragOver  (inherited from Control )

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