Represents a custom dialog box base that is launched directly from the Configuration Manager 2007 snap-in in Microsoft Management Console.

The following tables list the members exposed by the SmsCustomDialog type.

Public Constructors

  Name Description
SmsCustomDialog Initializes a new instance of SmsCustomDialog.

Protected Fields

  Name Description
protected field static ScrollStateAutoScrolling  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected field static ScrollStateFullDrag  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected field static ScrollStateHScrollVisible  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected field static ScrollStateUserHasScrolled  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected field static ScrollStateVScrollVisible  (inherited from ScrollableControl )

Public Properties (see also Protected Properties )

  Name Description
public property AcceptButton  (inherited from Form )
public property AccessibilityObject  (inherited from Control )
public property AccessibleDefaultActionDescription  (inherited from Control )
public property AccessibleDescription  (inherited from Control )
public property AccessibleName  (inherited from Control )
public property AccessibleRole  (inherited from Control )
public property ActiveControl  (inherited from ContainerControl )
public property static ActiveForm  (inherited from Form )
public property ActiveMdiChild  (inherited from Form )
public property AllowDrop  (inherited from Control )
public property AllowTransparency  (inherited from Form )
public property Anchor  (inherited from Control )
public property AutoScale  Obsolete. (inherited from Form )
public property AutoScaleBaseSize  (inherited from Form )
public property AutoScaleDimensions  (inherited from ContainerControl )
public property AutoScaleMode  (inherited from ContainerControl )
public property AutoScroll  (inherited from Form )
public property AutoScrollMargin  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property AutoScrollMinSize  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property AutoScrollOffset  (inherited from Control )
public property AutoScrollPosition  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property AutoSize  (inherited from Form )
public property AutoSizeMode  (inherited from Form )
public property AutoValidate  (inherited from Form )
public property BackColor  (inherited from Form )
public property BackgroundImage  (inherited from Control )
public property BackgroundImageLayout  (inherited from Control )
public property BindingContext  (inherited from ContainerControl )
public property Bottom  (inherited from Control )
public property Bounds  (inherited from Control )
public property CancelButton  (inherited from Form )
public property CanFocus  (inherited from Control )
public property CanSelect  (inherited from Control )
public property Capture  (inherited from Control )
public property CausesValidation  (inherited from Control )
public property static CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls  (inherited from Control )
public property ClientRectangle  (inherited from Control )
public property ClientSize  (inherited from Form )
public property CompanyName  (inherited from Control )
public property Container  (inherited from Component )
public property ContainsFocus  (inherited from Control )
public property ContextMenu  (inherited from Control )
public property ContextMenuStrip  (inherited from Control )
public property ControlBox  (inherited from Form )
public property Controls  (inherited from Control )
public property Created  (inherited from Control )
public property CurrentAutoScaleDimensions  (inherited from ContainerControl )
public property Cursor  (inherited from Control )
public property DataBindings  (inherited from Control )
public property static DefaultBackColor  (inherited from Control )
public property static DefaultFont  (inherited from Control )
public property static DefaultForeColor  (inherited from Control )
public property DesktopBounds  (inherited from Form )
public property DesktopLocation  (inherited from Form )
public property DialogResult  (inherited from Form )
public property DisplayRectangle  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property Disposing  (inherited from Control )
public property Dock  (inherited from Control )
public property DockPadding  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property Enabled  (inherited from Control )
public property Focused  (inherited from Control )
public property Font  (inherited from Control )
public property ForeColor  (inherited from Control )
public property FormBorderStyle  (inherited from Form )
public property Handle  (inherited from Control )
public property HasChildren  (inherited from Control )
public property Height  (inherited from Control )
public property HelpButton  (inherited from Form )
public property HorizontalScroll  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property Icon  (inherited from Form )
public property ImeMode  (inherited from Control )
public property InvokeRequired  (inherited from Control )
public property IsAccessible  (inherited from Control )
public property IsDisposed  (inherited from Control )
public property IsHandleCreated  (inherited from Control )
public property IsMdiChild  (inherited from Form )
public property IsMdiContainer  (inherited from Form )
public property IsMirrored  (inherited from Control )
public property IsRestrictedWindow  (inherited from Form )
public property KeyPreview  (inherited from Form )
public property LayoutEngine  (inherited from Control )
public property Left  (inherited from Control )
public property Location  (inherited from Form )
public property MainMenuStrip  (inherited from Form )
public property Margin  (inherited from Form )
public property MaximizeBox  (inherited from Form )
public property MaximumSize  (inherited from Form )
public property MdiChildren  (inherited from Form )
public property MdiParent  (inherited from Form )
public property Menu  (inherited from Form )
public property MergedMenu  (inherited from Form )
public property MinimizeBox  (inherited from Form )
public property MinimumSize  (inherited from Form )
public property Modal  (inherited from Form )
public property static ModifierKeys  (inherited from Control )
public property static MouseButtons  (inherited from Control )
public property static MousePosition  (inherited from Control )
public property Name  (inherited from Control )
public property Opacity  (inherited from Form )
public property OwnedForms  (inherited from Form )
public property Owner  (inherited from Form )
public property Padding  (inherited from Control )
public property Parent  (inherited from Control )
public property ParentForm  (inherited from ContainerControl )
public property PreferredSize  (inherited from Control )
public property ProductName  (inherited from Control )
public property ProductVersion  (inherited from Control )
public property RecreatingHandle  (inherited from Control )
public property Region  (inherited from Control )
public property RestoreBounds  (inherited from Form )
public property Right  (inherited from Control )
public property RightToLeft  (inherited from Control )
public property RightToLeftLayout  (inherited from Form )
public property ShowForm  Gets or sets a value indicating whether the dialog box can be shown after initialization.(inherited from SmsDialogBase)
public property ShowIcon  (inherited from Form )
public property ShowInTaskbar  (inherited from Form )
public property Site  (inherited from Control )
public property Size  (inherited from Form )
public property SizeGripStyle  (inherited from Form )
public property static SnapIn  Gets or sets the snap-in for the dialog box.(inherited from SmsDialogBase)
public property StartPosition  (inherited from Form )
public property TabIndex  (inherited from Form )
public property TabStop  (inherited from Form )
public property Tag  (inherited from Control )
public property Text  (inherited from Form )
public property Top  (inherited from Control )
public property TopLevel  (inherited from Form )
public property TopLevelControl  (inherited from Control )
public property TopMost  (inherited from Form )
public property TransparencyKey  (inherited from Form )
public property UseWaitCursor  (inherited from Control )
public property VerticalScroll  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public property Visible  (inherited from Control )
public property Width  (inherited from Control )
public property WindowState  (inherited from Form )
public property WindowTarget  (inherited from Control )

Protected Properties

  Name Description
protected property AdditionalObjects Gets additional objects that are used by individual pages of the custom dialog box.
protected property AutoScaleFactor  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected property CanRaiseEvents  (inherited from Control )
protected property CreateParams  (inherited from Form )
protected property DefaultCursor  (inherited from Control )
protected property DefaultImeMode  (inherited from Form )
protected property DefaultMargin  (inherited from Control )
protected property DefaultMaximumSize  (inherited from Control )
protected property DefaultMinimumSize  (inherited from Control )
protected property DefaultPadding  (inherited from Control )
protected property DefaultSize  (inherited from Form )
protected property DesignMode  (inherited from Component )
protected property DoubleBuffered  (inherited from Control )
protected property Events  (inherited from Component )
protected property FontHeight  (inherited from Control )
protected property HScroll  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected property MaximizedBounds  (inherited from Form )
protected property PageData Gets or sets page information for the custom dialog box.
protected property RenderRightToLeft  Obsolete. (inherited from Control )
protected property ResizeRedraw  (inherited from Control )
protected property ScaleChildren  (inherited from Control )
protected property ShowFocusCues  (inherited from Control )
protected property ShowKeyboardCues  (inherited from Control )
protected property ShowWithoutActivation  (inherited from Form )
protected property VScroll  (inherited from ScrollableControl )

Public Methods (see also Protected Methods )

  Name Description
public method Activate  (inherited from Form )
public method AddOwnedForm  (inherited from Form )
public method BeginInvoke  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method BringToFront  (inherited from Control )
public method Close  (inherited from Form )
public method Contains  (inherited from Control )
public method CreateControl  (inherited from Control )
public method CreateGraphics  (inherited from Control )
public method CreateObjRef  (inherited from MarshalByRefObject )
public method Dispose Overloaded.  
public method DoDragDrop  (inherited from Control )
public method DrawToBitmap  (inherited from Control )
public method EndInvoke  (inherited from Control )
public method Equals  Overloaded. (inherited from Object )
public method FindForm  (inherited from Control )
public method Focus  (inherited from Control )
public method static FromChildHandle  (inherited from Control )
public method static FromHandle  (inherited from Control )
public method static GetAutoScaleSize  Obsolete. (inherited from Form )
public method GetChildAtPoint  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method GetContainerControl  (inherited from Control )
public method GetHashCode  (inherited from Object )
public method GetLifetimeService  (inherited from MarshalByRefObject )
public method GetNextControl  (inherited from Control )
public method GetPreferredSize  (inherited from Control )
public method GetType  (inherited from Object )
public method Hide  (inherited from Control )
public method Initialize Initializes the custom dialog box when called by the dialog box framework before the framework is launched.
public method InitializeLifetimeService  (inherited from MarshalByRefObject )
public method Invalidate  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method Invoke  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method InvokeUpdateDelegate Invokes the delegate for the Refresh verb in the main Configuration Manager console snap-in thread.
public method static IsKeyLocked  (inherited from Control )
public method static IsMnemonic  (inherited from Control )
public method LayoutMdi  (inherited from Form )
public method PerformAutoScale  (inherited from ContainerControl )
public method PerformLayout  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method PointToClient  (inherited from Control )
public method PointToScreen  (inherited from Control )
public method PreProcessControlMessage  (inherited from Control )
public method PreProcessMessage  (inherited from Control )
public method RectangleToClient  (inherited from Control )
public method RectangleToScreen  (inherited from Control )
public method static ReferenceEquals  (inherited from Object )
public method Refresh  (inherited from Control )
public method RemoveOwnedForm  (inherited from Form )
public method ResetBackColor  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetBindings  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetCursor  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetFont  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetForeColor  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetImeMode  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetRightToLeft  (inherited from Control )
public method ResetText  (inherited from Control )
public method ResumeLayout  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method Scale  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method ScrollControlIntoView  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public method Select  Overloaded. (inherited from Form )
public method SelectNextControl  (inherited from Control )
public method SendToBack  (inherited from Control )
public method SetAutoScrollMargin  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public method SetBounds  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
public method SetDesktopBounds  (inherited from Form )
public method SetDesktopLocation  (inherited from Form )
public method Show  Overloaded. (inherited from Form )
public method ShowDialog  Overloaded. (inherited from SmsDialogBase )
public method SuspendLayout  (inherited from Control )
public method ToString  (inherited from Form )
public method Update  (inherited from Control )
public method Validate  Overloaded. (inherited from ContainerControl )
public method ValidateChildren  Overloaded. (inherited from Form )

Protected Methods

  Name Description
protected method AccessibilityNotifyClients  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
protected method ActivateMdiChild  (inherited from Form )
protected method AddRefreshResultObject Adds the relative path for the specified result object and the specified action to the result refresh data list.
protected method AdjustFormScrollbars  (inherited from Form )
protected method ApplyAutoScaling  Obsolete. (inherited from Form )
protected method CenterToParent  (inherited from Form )
protected method CenterToScreen  (inherited from Form )
protected method CreateAccessibilityInstance  (inherited from Control )
protected method CreateControlsInstance  (inherited from Form )
protected method CreateHandle  (inherited from Form )
protected method DefWndProc  (inherited from Form )
protected method DestroyHandle  (inherited from Control )
protected method Dispose Overloaded. Overridden.  
protected method Finalize  (inherited from Component )
protected method GetAccessibilityObjectById  (inherited from Control )
protected method GetAutoSizeMode  (inherited from Control )
protected method GetHelp  (inherited from SmsDialogBase )
protected method GetScaledBounds  (inherited from Form )
protected method GetScrollState  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method GetService  (inherited from Component )
protected method GetStyle  (inherited from Control )
protected method GetTopLevel  (inherited from Control )
protected method InitLayout  (inherited from Control )
protected method InvokeGotFocus  (inherited from Control )
protected method InvokeLostFocus  (inherited from Control )
protected method InvokeOnClick  (inherited from Control )
protected method InvokePaint  (inherited from Control )
protected method InvokePaintBackground  (inherited from Control )
protected method IsInputChar  (inherited from Control )
protected method IsInputKey  (inherited from Control )
protected method MemberwiseClone  Overloaded. (inherited from MarshalByRefObject )
protected method NotifyInvalidate  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnActivated  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnAutoSizeChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnAutoValidateChanged  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected method OnBackColorChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnBackgroundImageChanged  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnBackgroundImageLayoutChanged  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnBindingContextChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnCausesValidationChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnChangeUICues  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnClick  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnClientSizeChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnClosed  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnClosing  (inherited from SmsDialogBase )
protected method OnContextMenuChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnContextMenuStripChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnControlAdded  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnControlRemoved  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnCreateControl  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnCursorChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnDeactivate  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnDockChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnDoubleClick  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnDragDrop  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnDragEnter  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnDragLeave  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnDragOver  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnEnabledChanged  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnEnter  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnFontChanged  (inherited from SmsDialogBase )
protected method OnForeColorChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnFormClosed  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnFormClosing  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnGiveFeedback  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnGotFocus  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnHandleCreated  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnHandleDestroyed  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnHelpButtonClicked  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnHelpRequested  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnImeModeChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnInputLanguageChanged  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnInputLanguageChanging  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnInvalidated  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnKeyDown  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnKeyPress  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnKeyUp  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnLayout  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnLeave  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnLoad  (inherited from SmsDialogBase )
protected method OnLocationChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnLostFocus  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMarginChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMaximizedBoundsChanged  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnMaximumSizeChanged  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnMdiChildActivate  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnMenuComplete  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnMenuStart  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnMinimumSizeChanged  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnMouseCaptureChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseClick  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseDoubleClick  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseDown  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseEnter  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseHover  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseLeave  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseMove  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseUp  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnMouseWheel  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method OnMove  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnNotifyMessage  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnPaddingChanged  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method OnPaint  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnPaintBackground  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method OnParentBackColorChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentBackgroundImageChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentBindingContextChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentChanged  (inherited from ContainerControl )
protected method OnParentCursorChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentEnabledChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentFontChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentForeColorChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentRightToLeftChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnParentVisibleChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnPreviewKeyDown  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnPrint  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnQueryContinueDrag  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnRegionChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnResize  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnResizeBegin  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnResizeEnd  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnRightToLeftChanged  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method OnRightToLeftLayoutChanged  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnScroll  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method OnShown  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnSizeChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnStyleChanged  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnSystemColorsChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnTabIndexChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnTabStopChanged  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnTextChanged  (inherited from Form )
protected method OnValidated  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnValidating  (inherited from Control )
protected method OnVisibleChanged  (inherited from Form )
protected method ProcessCmdKey  (inherited from Form )
protected method ProcessDialogChar  (inherited from Form )
protected method ProcessDialogKey  (inherited from Form )
protected method ProcessKeyEventArgs  (inherited from Control )
protected method ProcessKeyMessage  (inherited from Control )
protected method ProcessKeyPreview  (inherited from Form )
protected method ProcessMnemonic  (inherited from Form )
protected method ProcessTabKey  (inherited from Form )
protected method RaiseDragEvent  (inherited from Control )
protected method RaiseKeyEvent  (inherited from Control )
protected method RaiseMouseEvent  (inherited from Control )
protected method RaisePaintEvent  (inherited from Control )
protected method RecreateHandle  (inherited from Control )
protected method static ReflectMessage  (inherited from Control )
protected method RefreshAll Sets the result refresh data list to refresh all.
protected method ResetMouseEventArgs  (inherited from Control )
protected method RtlTranslateAlignment  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
protected method RtlTranslateContent  (inherited from Control )
protected method RtlTranslateHorizontal  (inherited from Control )
protected method RtlTranslateLeftRight  (inherited from Control )
protected method ScaleControl  (inherited from Form )
protected method ScaleCore  (inherited from Form )
protected method ScrollToControl  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method Select  Overloaded. (inherited from Form )
protected method SetAutoSizeMode  (inherited from Control )
protected method SetBoundsCore  (inherited from Form )
protected method SetClientSizeCore  (inherited from Form )
protected method SetDisplayRectLocation  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method SetRefreshResultObjectList Sets the specified refresh data list.
protected method SetScrollState  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
protected method SetStyle  (inherited from Control )
protected method SetTopLevel  (inherited from Control )
protected method SetVisibleCore  (inherited from Form )
protected method ShowDialog  Overloaded. (inherited from SmsDialogBase )
protected method ShowHelp  Launches the HTML .chm Help file window.(inherited from SmsDialogBase)
protected method ShowMessageBox  Overloaded. (inherited from SmsDialogBase )
protected method SizeFromClientSize  (inherited from Control )
protected method UpdateBounds  Overloaded. (inherited from Control )
protected method UpdateDefaultButton  (inherited from Form )
protected method UpdateStyles  (inherited from Control )
protected method UpdateZOrder  (inherited from Control )
protected method ValidateDialog  Validates the dialog box when the user clicks OK.(inherited from SmsDialogBase)
protected method WndProc  (inherited from Form )

Public Events

  Name Description
public event Activated  (inherited from Form )
public event AutoSizeChanged  (inherited from Form )
public event AutoValidateChanged  (inherited from Form )
public event BackColorChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event BackgroundImageChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event BackgroundImageLayoutChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event BindingContextChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event CausesValidationChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event ChangeUICues  (inherited from Control )
public event Click  (inherited from Control )
public event ClientSizeChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event Closed  (inherited from Form )
public event Closing  (inherited from Form )
public event ContextMenuChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event ContextMenuStripChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event ControlAdded  (inherited from Control )
public event ControlRemoved  (inherited from Control )
public event CursorChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event Deactivate  (inherited from Form )
public event Disposed  (inherited from Component )
public event DockChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event DoubleClick  (inherited from Control )
public event DragDrop  (inherited from Control )
public event DragEnter  (inherited from Control )
public event DragLeave  (inherited from Control )
public event DragOver  (inherited from Control )
public event EnabledChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event Enter  (inherited from Control )
public event FontChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event ForeColorChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event FormClosed  (inherited from Form )
public event FormClosing  (inherited from Form )
public event GiveFeedback  (inherited from Control )
public event GotFocus  (inherited from Control )
public event HandleCreated  (inherited from Control )
public event HandleDestroyed  (inherited from Control )
public event HelpButtonClicked  (inherited from Form )
public event HelpRequested  (inherited from Control )
public event ImeModeChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event InputLanguageChanged  (inherited from Form )
public event InputLanguageChanging  (inherited from Form )
public event Invalidated  (inherited from Control )
public event KeyDown  (inherited from Control )
public event KeyPress  (inherited from Control )
public event KeyUp  (inherited from Control )
public event Layout  (inherited from Control )
public event Leave  (inherited from Control )
public event Load  (inherited from Form )
public event LocationChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event LostFocus  (inherited from Control )
public event MarginChanged  (inherited from Form )
public event MaximizedBoundsChanged  (inherited from Form )
public event MaximumSizeChanged  (inherited from Form )
public event MdiChildActivate  (inherited from Form )
public event MenuComplete  (inherited from Form )
public event MenuStart  (inherited from Form )
public event MinimumSizeChanged  (inherited from Form )
public event MouseCaptureChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseClick  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseDoubleClick  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseDown  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseEnter  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseHover  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseLeave  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseMove  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseUp  (inherited from Control )
public event MouseWheel  (inherited from Control )
public event Move  (inherited from Control )
public event PaddingChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event Paint  (inherited from Control )
public event ParentChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event PreviewKeyDown  (inherited from Control )
public event QueryAccessibilityHelp  (inherited from Control )
public event QueryContinueDrag  (inherited from Control )
public event RegionChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event Resize  (inherited from Control )
public event ResizeBegin  (inherited from Form )
public event ResizeEnd  (inherited from Form )
public event RightToLeftChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event RightToLeftLayoutChanged  (inherited from Form )
public event Scroll  (inherited from ScrollableControl )
public event Shown  (inherited from Form )
public event SizeChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event StyleChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event SystemColorsChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event TabIndexChanged  (inherited from Form )
public event TabStopChanged  (inherited from Form )
public event TextChanged  (inherited from Control )
public event Validated  (inherited from Control )
public event Validating  (inherited from Control )
public event VisibleChanged  (inherited from Control )

Explicit Interface Implementations

  Name Description
System.Windows.Forms.IContainerControl.ActivateControl  (inherited from ContainerControl )
System.Windows.Forms.IDropTarget.OnDragDrop  (inherited from Control )
System.Windows.Forms.IDropTarget.OnDragEnter  (inherited from Control )
System.Windows.Forms.IDropTarget.OnDragLeave  (inherited from Control )
System.Windows.Forms.IDropTarget.OnDragOver  (inherited from Control )

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