The ITsMediaClass automation interface, in Configuration Manager 2007, enables the creation of task sequence media for operating system deployment. This interface inherits from IDispatch.

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ITsMediaClass::Cancel Method

Cancels task sequence media creation.

ITsMediaClass::ConnectionOptions Property

Contains a comma-delimited list of name=value pairs to use when establishing the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) connection to the SMS Provider.

ITsMediaClass::CreateBootMedia Method

Creates task sequence boot media that download policy from a management point and allow a user to run a task sequence for operating system deployment.

ITsMediaClass::CreateCaptureMedia Method

Creates capture media that can be used to capture an operating system from a reference computer.

ITsMediaClass::CreateStandaloneMedia Method

Creates stand-alone media from which to run an operating system image deployment

ITsMediaClass::CurrentStep Property

Contains the current step in task sequence media creation.

ITsMediaClass::DistributionPoints Property

Contains a comma-delimited list of distribution points, most preferable first.

ITsMediaClass::ErrorDetail Property

Contains a buffer in which additional error information can be retrieved from task sequence media creation.

ITsMediaClass::ExitCode Property

Contains the exit code for task sequence media creation.

ITsMediaClass::MediaLabel Property

Contains a label to help identify the task sequence media during media creation.

ITsMediaClass::NumSteps Property

Contains the number of steps necessary for task sequence media creation.

ITsMediaClass::ProviderName Property

Contains the name of the SMS Provider to which to connect.

ITsMediaClass::SiteCode Property

Contains the site code for the site server (not necessarily the target site code).

ITsMediaClass::Status Property

Contains the status for task sequence media creation.

ITsMediaClass::StepInfo Property

Contains information about the steps required for task sequence media creation.

ITsMediaClass::StepProgress Property

Contains a value indicating the progress of task sequence media creation.


The UUID for ITsMediaClass is EBA491FD-A947-4f99-9F60-D615F810CCDC.

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