A Configuration Manager 2007 file collection message is used to pass a client file collection (IDMIF) report to the file collection manager endpoint.

The IDMIF files are “Hardware Inventory extension files” that do not go up to the hardware inventory endpoint. Rather than exposing the class properties in an XML schema, the hardware inventory report sends individual files in MIF format.

Input Message XML

The following input XML describes the input message XML for IDMIF file collection.


   <ReportHeader >

      <Identification >













         <ReportType ></ReportType>















Output Message XML

There is no XML returned.


You use ISmsMessaging::Post Method to pass the message to the file collection (IDMIF) endpoint, MP_RelayEndpoint. You set the target endpoint with ISmsMessage::SetTargetEndpoint Method.

You must set the file type property to IDMIF by using ISmsMessage::SetProperty Method.

Unlike other relay endpoint messages, the state message XML is contained in the body of the message, rather than being an attachment.

The following security flags can be applied to the message:

Security Mode Required Optional








Use ISmsMessage4::SetSecurityFlags Methodto set the security flags for the message.

For information about MPAPI security flags, see MPAPI_SECURITY_FLAGS Enumeration.

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