In Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007, you add a Windows driver to an operating system deployment boot image package by adding a reference to the required driver in the SMS_BootImagePackage Server WMI Class ReferencedDrivers array property.

   The ReferencedDrivers property is an array of an embedded SMS_Driver_Details object, and you can add more than one driver to the package. The objects in the array are added to the boot image package each time it is updated on the distribution point.

The location of the driver content is usually obtained from the SMS_Driver Server WMI Class object ContentSourcePath property, but this can be overridden if the original driver location is not available.

It might be necessary to add network or storage drivers to a boot image package so that a task sequence can access the network and disk resources while in WinPE.

Drivers are added to the image only when the boot image is refreshed by calling the RefreshPkgSource Method in Class SMS_BootImagePackage method.

Drivers are added to the image by using Windows Package Manager.

To add a Windows driver to a boot image package

  1. Set up a connection to the SMS Provider. For more information, see About the SMS Provider in Configuration Manager.

  2. Get the SMS_BootImagePackage object for the boot image package that you want to add the driver to.

  3. Create and populate an embedded SMS_Driver_Details object to contain the driver details.

  4. Add the SMS_Driver_Details object to the ReferencedDrivers array property of the SMS_BootImagePackage object.

  5. Commit the SMS_BootImagePackage object changes.


The following example method adds a Windows driver to a boot image package. The package is identified by its PackageID property, and the driver is identified by its CI_ID property.

For information about calling the sample code, see Calling Configuration Manager Code Snippets.

Visual Basic Script  Copy Code
Sub AddDriverToBootImagePackage(connection, driverId,packageId)

	Dim bootImagePackage
	Dim driver 
	Dim referencedDrivers
	Dim driverDetails

	' Get the boot image package and referenced drivers.
	Set bootImagePackage = connection.Get("SMS_BootImagePackage.PackageID='" & packageId &"'" )
	referencedDrivers = bootImagePackage.ReferencedDrivers

	' Get the driver.
	Set driver = connection.Get("SMS_Driver.CI_ID=" & driverId )

	' Create and populate the driver details.
	Set driverDetails = connection.Get("SMS_Driver_Details").SpawnInstance_
	' Add the driver details.
	ReDim Preserve referencedDrivers (Ubound (referencedDrivers)+1)
	Set referencedDrivers(Ubound(referencedDrivers))=driverDetails


End Sub
C#  Copy Code
public void AddDriverToBootImagePackage(
	WqlConnectionManager connection, 
	int driverId, 
	string packageId)
		// Get the boot image package.
		IResultObject bootImagePackage = connection.GetInstance(@"SMS_BootImagePackage.packageId='" + packageId + "'");

		// Get the driver.
		IResultObject driver = connection.GetInstance("SMS_Driver.CI_ID=" + driverId);

		// Get the drivers that are referenced by the package.
		List<IResultObject> referencedDrivers = bootImagePackage.GetArrayItems("ReferencedDrivers");

		// Create and populate an embedded SMS_Driver_Details. This is added to the ReferencedDrivers array.
		IResultObject driverDetails = connection.CreateEmbeddedObjectInstance("SMS_Driver_Details");

		driverDetails["ID"].IntegerValue = driverId;
		driverDetails["SourcePath"].StringValue = driver["ContentSourcePath"].StringValue;

		// Add the driver details to the array.

		// Add the array to the boot image package.
		bootImagePackage.SetArrayItems("ReferencedDrivers", referencedDrivers);

		// Commit the changes.
		bootImagePackage.ExecuteMethod("RefreshPkgSource", null);
	catch (SmsException e)

The example method has the following parameters:

Parameter Type Description


  • Managed:WqlConnectionManager

  • VBScript: SWbemServices

A valid connection to the SMS Provider.


  • Managed: String

  • VBScript: String

The Windows driver identifier available in SMS_Driver.CI_ID.


  • Managed: String

  • VBScript: String

The boot image package identifier available in SMS_BootImagePackage.PackageID.

Compiling the Code

This C# example requires:










Robust Programming

For more information about error handling, see About Configuration Manager Errors.


For more information about securing Configuration Manager applications, see About Securing Configuration Manager Applications.

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