The AssemblyType action defines the type and assembly for a method that is called by the Configuration Manager 2007 console.

The XML and C# code in this topic is available in the Dialog Prototype sample in the Configuration Manager SDK.

The following attributes and elements are specific to an action that calls a method in an assembly:


The method signature is:

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public static void Method(object, ScopeNode, ActionDescription, IResultObject, PropertyDataUpdated, Status)

Where the parameters are as follows:


  • The object calling the method.


The Configuration Manager console node that was active when the action was called

The ActionDescription class instance that initiated the action.

The selected object, or null if there is no selected object.

The delegate to open to provide update information for the Configuration Manager console view.

Allows control of the Configuration Manager console busy status indicator. For more information, see the Microsoft Management Console SDK

Example Implementation

The following is an example implementation of the method.

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public static void Method(object sender, ScopeNode scopeNode, ActionDescription action, IResultObject resultObject, PropertyDataUpdated dataUpdatedDelegate, Status status)
	if (resultObject != null)
		DialogHelper.ShowMessageBox(string.Format("The {0} package was selected", resultObject["Name"].StringValue));
		DialogHelper.ShowMessageBox("No package was selected");

AssemblyType Action XML

The following XML example demonstrates how to call a method, Method, in a class, SampleClass. The method is in the assembly AdminUI.PrototypeDialog.dll.

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<ActionDescription Class="AssemblyType" DisplayName="Test Action (method)" MnemonicDisplayName="Mnemonic" Description="Description">

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