In Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007, to create a Configuration Manager 2007 console node, you create an XML description of the node and add it to the %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminUI\Extensions\Forms\GUID folder. GUID is the GUID namespace for the parent node.

The following procedure shows how to add a new node to the Configuration Manager Tools node. The new node displays the available collections.

To create a Configuration Manager console node

  1. If the Configuration Manager console is open, close it.

  2. In the Configuration Manager SDK, locate the XML file, CollectionsNode.XML.

  3. If it does not already exist, create a folder named Nodes in %ProgramFiles%\AdminUI\XmlStorage\Extensions\.

  4. In the Nodes folder, create a folder named 22241306-2e64-11d2-ad56-0060b03cb511. This GUID identifies the Tools node.

  5. Copy the XML file to the GUID folder.

  6. Start the Configuration Manager console, and in the console tree, navigate to the Tools node. You should see a new Collections node.

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