Topic identifies the type of message, in Configuration Manager, for which the sender is reporting state.

Type: Parent.

Instances: One.


Attribute Description


Configuration Manager client GUID identifier.


The topic type. It can have the following values:

100 - State Migration message

200 - NAP message

301 - Configuration item assignment enforcement message (SUM)

302 - Configuration item assignment evaluation message

400 - SUM update detection message

401 - SUM update compliance evaluation message

402 - SUM update compliance enforcement message

500 - State System timing message

600 - NBS (PXE) status

700 - FSP client status (SOS) message


The identifier type. Can have the following values:

1 - SDM Type unique identifier

2 - Configuration item assignment unique identifier

100 - State migration message dummy TopicID

200 - NAP message dummy TopicID

600 - NBS message dummy TopicID

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