In Configuration Manager, the SoftDistDownloadFailedEvent message is raised when a download for a package fails. It appears in Package Status in the Configuration Manager console.

SoftDistDownloadFailedEvent is derived from the SoftwareDistributionPackageEvent class, and each base class property must be set.

The text of the status message is:

%11Content download for the package "%4" - "%2" has failed.%12.%nPossible cause: The content cannot be found on the network, or the content could not be accessed. %nSolution: Check to ensure this content has been made available on a distribution point. Check to ensure the access control list allows this program to be accessed. Check to make sure that the file system path for the content, including the path to the cache directory, is not greater than 255 characters.%0.


SoftDistDownloadFailedEvent has no properties other than those that are inherited from SoftwareDistributionPackageEvent.

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