In Configuration Manager, the content location request message requests a list of locations for a package.

Input Message

A ContentLocationRequest message is sent to retrieve a list of locations for a particular package.











Output Message

A ContentLocationReply message is the XML returned in response to a ContentLocationRequest XML message.




















You use ISmsMessaging::Invoke Method to pass the message to the location manager endpoint, MP_LocationManager. You set the target endpoint with ISmsMessage::SetTargetEndpoint Method.

The software inventory report header is passed in the Invoke.pRequest parameter.

The report body is passed by using ISmsMessageAttachment Interface. The report body attachment must be named {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000002}.

The following security flags can be applied to the message:

Security Mode Required Optional







Use ISmsMessage4::SetSecurityFlags Method to set the security flags for the message.

For information about MPAPI security flags, see MPAPI_SECURITY_FLAGS Enumeration.

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