In Configuration Manager, the CommitSCF Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class method commits site control file (SCF) changes to the database.

The following syntax is simplified from Managed Object Format (MOF) code and is intended to show the definition of the method.

SInt32 CommitSCF(
   String SiteCode



Data type: StringQualifiers: [in, SizeLimit("3")]Site code for the site.

Return Values

An SInt32 data type that is 0 to indicate success or non-zero to indicate failure.

For information about handling returned errors, see About Configuration Manager Errors.


Changes made to the in-memory copy of the site control file are not applied to the database until the application calls this method. Although changes to a component item in the site control file might be immediate, there might be some delay before changes are applied to the components themselves. Your application should experience very little delay when committing changes on the local server.

Most delays occur on remote updates in which the current configuration of the site and connectivity issues affect the commit process. For example, the remote site might only accept updates during a certain time period. Thus the committed updates might not be realized until well after the commit process begins.

The CommitSCF method replaces the Commit method from earlier releases.


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