A Configuration Manager 2007 console search folder is described by XML. When creating a search folder, you populate the SMS_ObjectContainerNode object SearchString property with the search folder XML.

Search Folder XML





                        <Configuration Manager Console Folder String Element></strings>





The SearchFolderDescription node defines one or more searches against instances of a class, or type, of SMS Provider objects. The object class type that is searched is declared in the SearchFolderDescription node Name attribute. The child SearchFolderDescriptionItems node declares one or more SearchFolderDescriptionItem nodes. Each SearchFolderDecriptionItem node defines a search against a specific property of the SMS Provider class. Within each SearchFolderItemDescriptionItem is a SearchString node containing a list of String elements that are compared with the value of an object property.

If you are using the managed provider console classes, you can use Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.Schema.SearchFolderDescription class.

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