The SMS_CIContentFiles Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class is an SMS Provider server class, in Configuration Manager, that lists all files associated with the content of a specific SMS_SoftwareUpdate Server WMI Class object.

The following syntax is simplified from Managed Object Format (MOF) code and includes all inherited properties.

Class SMS_CIContentFiles : SMS_BaseClass
	UInt32 ContentID;
	String FileHash;
	String FileName;
	SInt64 FileSize;
	String FileVersion;
	String ImportPath;
	Boolean IsSigned;
	String SourceURL;


The SMS_CIContentFiles class does not define any methods.



Data type: UInt32Access type: Read-onlyQualifiers: [read ,key, Not_null]ID for the software update content. See the ContentID property of SMS_CIToContent Server WMI Class.

Data type: StringAccess type: Read-onlyQualifiers: [read, Not_null]The file hash.

Data type: StringAccess type: Read-onlyQualifiers: [read, key, Not_null]File name, including the subdirectory path under the root directory.

Data type: SInt64Access type: Read-onlyQualifiers: [read, Not_null]The size of the file.

Data type: StringAccess type: Read-onlyQualifiers: [read, Not_null]The file version.

Data type: StringAccess type: Read-onlyQualifiers: [read, Not_null]The file location (including file name) relative to the import root.

Data type: BooleanAccess type: Read-onlyQualifiers: [read, Not_null]true if the software update content is signed.

Data type: StringAccess type: Read-onlyQualifiers: [read, Not_null]URL where the source for the content file is located.


Class qualifiers for this class include:

  • Read (read-only)

  • Secured

For more information about both the class qualifiers and the property qualifiers included in the Properties section, see Configuration Manager Class and Property Qualifiers.

This class is used to determine update files to download for a particular update, for example, when there are different locales associated with the update. When using this class, first identify which contents need to be downloaded by querying SMS_CIToContent Server WMI Class and obtain the list of ContentID properties matching the specific language criteria. Given the list, you can then obtain the associated download URL and the related properties for the content files from SMS_CIContentFiles.


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