In Configuration Manager 2007, the Group action creates a menu group, also known as a submenu, for related actions.

The following attributes and elements are specific to an action that creates a group of context menu items:

Group Action XML

The following XML demonstrates a group of actions named New Group Name:

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<ActionDescription Class="Group" DisplayName="New Group Name" MnemonicDisplayName="MnemonicNewGroupName" Description="NewGroupNameDescription">
	<ActionDescription Class="Executable" DisplayName="Test Action (execute)" MnemonicDisplayName="A test item" Description="A test item Description">
	<ActionDescription Class="Report" DisplayName="Test Action (report)" MnemonicDisplayName="Mnemonic" Description="Description">
	<ReportDescription Id="05874720-1D08-4CF7-B182-5F9D065BEAE5">

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