The ISmsClient2 interface, in Configuration Manager, inherits from the ISmsClient Client COM Automation Interface interface and provides additional client configuration support.

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ISmsClient2::ClearProxy Method

Clears the proxy information from the cache.
ISmsClient2::GetCurrentManagementPointEx Method

Gets the current management point of the client.
ISmsClient2::GetDnsSuffix Method

Gets the Domain Name System (DNS) suffix for clients that locate their management point using DNS publishing.
ISmsClient2::GetInternetManagementPointFQDN Method

Gets the URL of the current Internet Based Client Management (IBCM)-enabled management point.
ISmsClient2::GetProxy Method

Gets proxy information about a URL. If the information is not cached, then detection is initiated.
ISmsClient2::IsClientAlwaysOnInternet Method

Specifies if the client is always connected to the Internet.
ISmsClient2::IsClientOnInternet Method

Specifies if the client is currently connected to the Internet.
ISmsClient2::MSIReinstallClient Method

Reinstalls the client.

ISmsClient2::SetDnsSuffix Method

Sets the DNS suffix for clients that locate their management points using DNS publishing.
ISmsClient2::SetInternetManagementPointFQDN Method

Sets the IBCM-enabled management point.
ISmsClient2::SetProxy Method

Sets proxy information for a URL.


The IID for ISmsClient2 is D535C884-6B82-47DD-9A15-09E98B95136E.



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