SearchFolderDescriptionItem is the node that describes a search folder item in Configuration Manager.

Type: Node.

Instances: One or more.


Attribute Description


The value of this attribute depends on the object type of the folder. For more information, see the following Remarks section.



Possible values are SearchFolderRawDescriptionItem

Specifies that the search is unprocessed and should be used as is.


The search represents a time span. The format of the string property is "Year:Month:Day:Hour". For more information, see the following Remarks section.


A search folder consists of one or more search items that are defined by the SearchFolderDescriptionItem node. The results of all search items are compared with a logical AND operation. If the result is true for each search, then the search items are displayed in the Configuration Manager console search folder. Otherwise, they are not displayed.

Each search item maps to a property that is defined by the PropertyName attribute. The value of PropertyName depends on the object type of the folder. For example, if the search folder is being created for packages, the SMS_Package properties should be specified. The available object types are defined by the SearchFolderDescription node Name attribute.

The child element SearchStrings is used to hold a list of strings that the PropertyName attribute value searches against.

The format of the SearchFolderDateDescriptionItem attributes represents a time span in the following format Year:Month:Day:Hour. For example, if you create a search folder that specifies the last refresh time for a package, the value 0:0:1:0 would represent the last hour. A time span of 0:9:0:0 would represent the last nine months.

The following is an example of the SearchFolderDescriptionItem node.

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<SearchFolderDescriptionItem xsi:type="SearchFolderDateDescriptionItem" PropertyName="LastRefreshTime">

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