Installed on a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 client are several COM automation objects that can be used to set and get many of the software distribution settings and events.

In This Section

CacheElement Class

Exposes all the properties for an item in the software distribution client cache.
CacheElements Class

Contains a collection of CacheElement objects.
CacheInfo Class

Allows the interaction and configuration of the Software Distribution Agent cache.
ClientAgentSettings Class

Allows you to retrieve client agent settings.
DownloadStatus Class

Represents the current state of a download of an optional program.
Program Class

Exposes all the properties for an available program.
Programs Class

Contains a collection of Program objects.
SWDistClientSettings Class

Exposes the Configuration Manager 2007 client software distribution settings.
UIEventCls Class

Allows access to events raised by the client.
UIResourceMgr Class

Exposes the main functionality that is used by all user interface components to interact with the software distribution agents.

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