Property represents a client property, in Configuration Manager.

Type: Element.

Instances: 1 or more.


Attribute Description


  • The property name. Can have one of the following values:

  • NetBIOS Name. The client's NetBIOS name. This property is mandatory.

  • FQ Name. The client's FQDN names. This property is mandatory.

  • Locale Id. The client's local identifier. This property is optional.

  • DeviceID. The client mobile device identifier.

  • InternetFlag. The Internet bitmask flags. Mandatory Possible values are:

0 – Not an internet client.

1 – Client is internet-enabled.

2 – Always on internet.

  • .HardwareID1. Not currently used.

  • MACAddress Not currently used.

  • SMBIOSID. Not currently used.


The value for Name.

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