In Configuration Manager, the PackNALPath method encodes a network abstraction layer (NAL) path from its components. A NAL path is an abstract representation of a network path or a user account.

The following syntax is simplified from Managed Object Format (MOF) code and is intended to show the definition of the method.

SInt32 PackNALPath(
	 String DisplayQualifiers[],
	 String NALType, 
	 String NetworkOSPath, 
	 String NetworkConnectionQualifiers[],
	 String NALPath



Data type: String ArrayQualifiers: [in]Qualifiers that are used by the Configuration Manager console. The possible values are: Display=<path, group, or user>. The value that you specify for the path must be the same as the value that you specify for NetworkOSPath. For path formats, see NetworkOSPath formats later in this topic.

Data type: StringQualifiers: [in]The NAL type specified by the network operating system. Possible values are:


All providers accept this account specification. Use this value only when you specify a user or group name.


Windows NT.


Novell Netware bindery.


Novell NDS.


A local path.


Data type: StringQualifiers: [in]The network operating system path. Possible values are:

Provider NetworkOSPath

Windows NT user names

<domain>\<user name>

Windows NT group names

<domain>\group=<group name>

Windows Novell NDS user names

<tree>\user=<user name>

Windows Novell NetWare bindery user names

<server>\user=<user name>

Novell NDS group names

<tree>\group=<group name>

Novell NetWare bindery group names

<server>\group=<group name>

Generic group names

GROUP=<group name>

Windows NT (UNC) computer names

\\<computer name>

Windows NT (UNC) share names

\\<computer name>\<share name>

Novell NDS share names

\\<tree>\.<volume name>.<org unit>. <o>

Novel NetWare bindery share names



Data type: String Array Qualifiers: [in]Optional. Configuration Manager component-specific qualifiers. The possible values are: SMS_SITE=<site code> [Preferred]. SMS_SITE identifies the site to which the path belongs. Preferred is optional and identifies the path to use when multiple paths are specified.

Data type: StringQualifiers: [out]Encoded NAL path.

Return Values

An SInt32 data type.

Example Code

The following example encodes a NAL path for an MSWNET network operating system.

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	Dim clsNALMethods As SWbemObject
	Dim NALPath As String

	Set clsNALMethods = Services.Get("SMS_NAL_Methods")
	clsNALMethods.PackNALPath Array("Display=\\<server>"), "MSWNET", _
	"\\<server>", Array("SMS_SITE=<site code>"), NALPath


Your application uses this method when creating a distribution point or defining system resources in the site control file programmatically. The method is not used to create a NAL path of an existing distribution point for an SMS_DistributionPoint Server WMI Class object. To determine the NAL path for an existing distribution point, the application should query the SMS_SystemResourceList Server WMI Class.


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