The following schema elements are reserved for internal use by Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007.

Reserved Elements

Applicability (Provider) Element

AuthorizationList Element

BootCriticalEntries (DriverType) Element

BootCriticalEntry (BootCriticalEntries) Element

CacheType (AssemblyPropertyRules) Element

Code (StatusCode) Element

ConfigurationMetadata Element

Content (Operation) Element

ContentDescription (Content) Element

Definition (ScriptQuery) Element

Description (BootCriticalEntryType) Element

Driver Element

DriverIdentity (DriverType) Element

HwId (DriverModelType) Element

Language (ScriptQuery) Element

Model (ModelSectionType) Element

ModelSection (ModelSections) Element

ModelSections (DriverType) Element

NameSpace (WQLQuery) Element

NamespaceDeclaration (NamespaceDeclarations) Element

NamespaceDeclarations (XPathDiscoveryType) Element

Operation (Provider) Element

Parameter (Applicability) Element

Parameter (Operation) Element

PlatformApplicabilityConditions (DriverType) Element

Property (PropertyBag) Element

Provider (ConfigurationMetadata) Element

Query (WQLQuery) Element

Range (StatusCode) Element

SoftwareUpdate Element

SoftwareUpdateBundle Element

SoftwareUpdateBundleReference Element

SoftwareUpdateReference Element

SoftwareUpdates (BaselineType) Element

StatusCode (Operation) Element

SupersededUpdates (SoftwareUpdateType) Element

Updates (AuthorizationListType) Element

Updates (SoftwareUpdateBundleType) Element

Reserved Simple Types

ApplicabilityRuleType Simple Type

FourPartVersion Simple Type

LanguageType Simple Type

MethodType Simple Type

Reserved Complex Types

Applicability Complex Type

AuthorizationListType Complex Type

BootCriticalEntryType Complex Type

Content Complex Type

DriverIdentityType Complex Type

DriverModelType Complex Type

DriverType Complex Type

File Complex Type

FileContent (Content) Element

ModelSectionType Complex Type

Operation Complex Type

PropertyBag Complex Type

PropertyValue Complex Type

Provider Complex Type

ScriptQuery Complex Type

SoftwareUpdateBundleType Complex Type

SoftwareUpdateType Complex Type

StatusCode Complex Type

WQLQuery Complex Type

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