The SMS_SCI_Address Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class is an SMS Provider server class, in Configuration Manager, that represents a sender address, which is a link between the site for which the site control file exists and another site.

The following syntax is simplified from Managed Object Format (MOF) code and includes all inherited properties.

Class SMS_SCI_Address : SMS_SiteControlItem 
	 String AddressType;
	 String DesSiteCode;
	 UInt32 FileType;
	 String ItemName;
	 String ItemType;
	 UInt32 Order;
	 SMS_EmbeddedPropertyList PropLists[];
	 SMS_EmbeddedProperty Props[];
	 UInt32 RateLimitingSchedule[24];
	 String SiteCode;
	 Boolean UnlimitedRateForAll;
	 SMS_SiteControlDaySchedule UsageSchedule[7];


The SMS_SCI_Address class does not define any methods.



Data type: StringAccess type: Read/WriteQualifiers: [stringnumeration]Type of address, indicating the nature of the sender to which the address applies. Possible values are listed below. The default value is "".




  • ADDR_RAS_X25(MS_X25_RAS)





For example, the MS_LAN address type is used by the LAN sender. A site has at least one address for each of its connections to parent and child sites in the Configuration Manager hierarchy.

Data type: StringAccess type: Read/WriteQualifiers: [SizeLimit("3")]Destination site code with which the sender communicates. The default value is "".

Data type: UInt32Access type: Read/WriteQualifiers: [key, enumeration:ToSubClass]See SMS_SiteControlItem Server WMI Class.

Data type: StringAccess type: Read-onlyQualifiers: [key, read]See SMS_SiteControlItem Server WMI Class.

Data type: StringAccess type: Read-onlyQualifiers: [key, read]See SMS_SiteControlItem Server WMI Class.

Data type: UInt32Access type: Read/WriteQualifiers: NoneOrder (priority) in which the senders are used when multiple senders are defined for a given site. Possible values are listed below. Note that no senders for a given destination site can have the same order number.


Auto-assign the order of the senders used. This is the default value.


Assign by highest priority sender.


Data type: SMS_EmbeddedPropertyList ArrayAccess type: Read/WriteQualifiers: NoneSMS_EmbeddedPropertyList Server WMI Class objects for the configuration.

Data type: SMS_EmbeddedProperty ArrayAccess type: Read/WriteQualifiers: NoneSMS_EmbeddedProperty Server WMI Class objects for the configuration.

Data type: UInt32 ArrayAccess type: Read/WriteQualifiers: NoneArray of 24 integers, one for each hour of the day. The values for this 24-hour rate table range from 1 percent to 100 percent. If the UnlimitedRateForAll property is true, this property contains 100 percent for all 24 elements. Use the rate-limiting schedule to prevent Configuration Manager from using all available bandwidth on the connection.

Data type: StringAccess type: Read/WriteQualifiers: [key, SizeLimit("3")]See SMS_SiteControlItem Server WMI Class.

Data type: BooleanAccess type: Read/WriteQualifiers: Nonetrue if unlimited rate is enabled for all senders. If this property is set to false, specify a rate schedule for the RateLimitingSchedule property. Otherwise, 100 percent is used.

Data type: SMS_SiteControlDaySchedule ArrayAccess type: Read/WriteQualifiers: NoneUsage schedule array of seven SMS_SiteControlDaySchedule Server WMI Class objects, each representing one week day, for example, 0 for Sunday, 1 for Monday. The schedule is used to control network load during critical time periods by restricting when data can be sent to the address.


There are no special class qualifiers for this class. For more information about both the class qualifiers and the property qualifiers included in the Properties section, see Configuration Manager Class and Property Qualifiers.

This class is used for inter-site communication by Configuration Manager sender components. For more information, see Configuration Manager Special Queries.


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