The SMS_TaskSequence_WMIConditionExpression Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class is an SMS Provider server class, in Configuration Manager, that represents a condition expression to check for the existence of results of a WMI query.

The following syntax is simplified from Managed Object Format (MOF) code and includes all inherited properties.

Class SMS_TaskSequence_WMIConditionExpression : SMS_TaskSequence_ConditionExpression
	String Namespace;
	String Query;


The SMS_TaskSequence_WMIConditionExpression class does not define any methods.



Data type: StringAccess type: Read/WriteQualifiers: [Not_Null]Namespace for the query.

Data type: StringAccess type: Read/WriteQualifiers: [Not_Null, AllowedLen("1-16384")]The WQL query for the condition expression. The length is between 1 and 16,384 characters.


The query result set is the results that satisfy the condition. For example, if you need to identify if a computer has at least one NTFS partition, you would use the following query:

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Select * from win32_logicaldisk where FileSystem=’NTFS’

There are no class qualifiers for this class. For more information about both the class qualifiers and the property qualifiers that are included in the Properties section, see Configuration Manager Class and Property Qualifiers.


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