The ICIINFO::GetJobState method, in Configuration Manager, gets the current operational state of the configuration item that is part of a job or task.

HRESULT GetJobState(
	CIJobState* pCIJobState,
	 Percentage* ppctComplete,
	 HRESULT* phrStatus



Data type: CIJobStateQualifiers: [out]Pointer to a CIJobState Enumeration value indicating the current operational state of the configuration item. This parameter retrieves ciStatusError if the state is not available.

Data type: PercentageQualifiers: [out]Pointer to a Percentage object indicating the percentage of job completion.

Data type: HRESULTQualifiers: [out]Pointer to an HRESULT code representing the current status. This parameter indicates an error code if pCIJobState retrieves a value of ciStatusError.

Return Values

An HRESULT code. Possible values include, but are not limited to, the following:


The method succeeded. All other return values indicate failure.


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