Device management server Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 assist in assessment of computer compliance considering a number of mobile device configurations.

The Configuration Manager 2007 server class schema is a set of WMI classes that represent the objects found on a server that is running Configuration Manager. Each Configuration Manager class is a template for a managed object and all instances of the object use the template. Classes can contain properties and methods. The properties describe the class data and the methods typically perform data management. For more information about developing applications using these classes, see About Configuration Manager SDK Requirements.

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Term Definition

SMS_DeviceDiscoveryTranslation Server WMI Class

Represents a translation for an enumeration that is used in device discovery.

SMS_DeviceHinvTranslation Server WMI Class

Represents a translation for an enumeration that is used in device hardware inventory.

SMS_DeviceSettingItem Server WMI Class

Represents a device-specific configuration item in the database.

SMS_DeviceSettingPackage Server WMI Class

Represents a device setting package in the database.

SMS_DeviceSettingPackageItem Server WMI Class

Associates a device setting configuration item with a device setting package.


Configuration Manager uses its device management functionality for mobile devices. It uses a special type of configuration item to represent a set of mobile device settings to apply to a mobile device. The device setting configuration item can only be distributed by using a device setting package that is accessible in the Configuration Package wizard in the Configuration Manager console. Source locations are defined automatically when creating the package.

Mobile devices do not have domain accounts and therefore do not recognize access account restrictions.

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