The ISmsMessage::GetBodyToBuffer method, in Configuration Manager, copies the message body into the caller-allocated buffer.

HRESULT GetBodyToBuffer(
	BYTE*  pData,
	ULONG*  pulDataLen



Data type: BYTEQualifiers: [out]Pointer to the message body data in a buffer, for which space must be allocated by the caller.

Data type: ULONGQualifiers: [in, out]Pointer to the length of the data, in bytes. On input, this parameter must contain the size to allocate for the pData buffer. On output, this parameter contains the actual size of data copied.

Return Values

An HRESULT code. Possible values include, but are not limited to, the following:


This definition of the item goes here. The method succeeded.


To retrieve the binary contents of the message body, your application calls ISmsMessage::GetBodyLength Method to get the body length. It can then call GetBodyToBuffer to allocate a sufficient buffer to receive the body, pass the buffer, and copy the body contents. If the body is known to contain a null terminated Unicode string, the ISmsMessage::GetBodyToString Method method can be used instead to retrieve the contents in one call.

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