The SWDistClientSettings class, in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007, exposes the client software distribution settings.


Name Description

ISWDistClientSettings::ContentLocationTimeout Property

Indicates the timeout value for accessing the content location.

ISWDistClientSettings::DisplayNewProgramNotification Property

Indicates whether the Display new program notifications setting on the Software Distribution Advertised Programs Client Agent is enabled.

ISWDistClientSettings::SWDistEnabled Property

Indicates whether the Software Distribution Advertised Programs Client Agent is enabled.

ISWDistClientSettings::UserPreemptionCountdown Property

Indicates the countdown duration.

ISWDistClientSettings::UserPreemptionTimeout Property

Indicates the agent's current user pre-emption timeout.

ISWDistClientSettings::WhatsNewDuration Property

Indicates the duration of the What's New dialog box for the agent.


The ProgID for the automation object is UIResource.SWDistClientSettings and it is implemented as part of UIResource.dll. The Visual Basic reference for early binding is UIResource 1.0 Type Library. The early binding object name is SWDistClientSettings.



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