RequestAssignments is sent by the client to retrieve its policy assignments in Configuration Manager. Policy assignments are a list of policies that have been assigned to the client. The assignments will be returned in a ReplyAssignments message.

Type: Element.

Instances: One.


Attribute Description


The version of the schema. Should be "1.00".


Determines the type of request. Possible values are:

"Full" - all policy is requested, even if there are no changes.

"OnUpdate" - Only policy that has changed since the ServerCookie specified in the request is returned.


Indicates whether an assignment reply is returned. Possible values are

"True" - an assignment reply is returned.

Any other value - No assignment reply is returned.


Requests validation of the assignment. This attribute is optional. Possible values are:

"CRC" - Requests Cyclic Redundancy Check of the current set of assignments. In the reply the ValidationData element will contain the CRC of the assignments.

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