CacheInfo is an interface in Configuration Manager 2007 that allows the interaction and configuration of the Software Distribution Agent cache.

Methods and Properties

Name Description

ICacheInfo::DeleteCacheElement Method

Deletes a specific cache element from the cache.

ICacheInfo::FreeSize Property

Indicates the current amount of free space in the cache.

ICacheInfo::GetCacheElements Method

Indicates a CacheElements object that contains all the cache elements in the cache.

ICacheInfo::Location Property

Indicates the location of the cache.

ICacheInfo::MaxCacheDuration Property

Indicates the maximum amount of time that items are allowed to persist in the cache (even when referenced).

ICacheInfo::ReservedSize Property

Indicates the amount of space that the cache uses for currently active downloads.

ICacheInfo::TombStoneDuration Property

Indicates the length of time for which items in the cache are persisted after being tombstoned.

ICacheInfo::TotalSize Property

Indicates the total size of the cache.


The ProgID for the automation object is UIResource.CacheInfo and it is implemented as part of UIResource.dll. The Visual Basic reference for early binding is UIResource 1.0 Type Library. The early binding object name is CacheInfo. You must be logged on with administrator credentials to make calls to CacheInfo.

The following example gets the cache information and optionally sets the location (/l) or the size (/t) of the cache or sets both.



Runtime Requirements

Development Requirements

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