The Management Point API in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 provides a set of COM interfaces that can be used to invoke various components that are running on a Configuration Manager 2007 management point. The interfaces are exposed as an in-proc COM component.

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Term Definition

ISmsMessaging Interface

Represents management point interface messaging and serves as the root of the management point object model.

ISmsMessage Interface

Represents a management point interface message.

ISmsMessage2 Interface

Extends ISmsMessage with functionality to set the client identifier.



ISmsMessage4 Interface

Extends ISmsMessage by implementing methods that are used by the management point interface.

ISmsMessageAttachment Interface

Represents an attachment to a management point interface message.

Management Point API Structures and Enumerations

Lists structures and enumerations that are used by the management point interfaces.

Configuration Manager Management Point Message Schema

Defines the Configuration Manager management point schema.

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