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The ClientVersiontype exposes the following methods.





 XNA Framework Only

 .NET Compact Framework Only

  Member Description
Clones settings from an existing object
(Inherited from ClientVersionBase.)
Determines whether the specified Objectis equal to the current Object.
(Inherited from ClientVersionBase.)
Finalize () () () () (Inherited from Object.)
GetHashCode () () () ()
Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
(Inherited from ClientVersionBase.)
GetSchema () () () ()
This method is reserved and should not be used. When implementing the IXmlSerializable interface, you should return null (Nothing in Visual Basic) from this method, and instead, if specifying a custom schema is required, apply the XmlSchemaProviderAttributeto the class.
(Inherited from ClientVersionBase.)
GetType () () () () (Inherited from Object.)
MemberwiseClone () () () () (Inherited from Object.)
Generates an object from its XML representation.
(Inherited from ClientVersionBase.)
ToString () () () ()
Returns a string representation of the client version number
(Inherited from ClientVersionBase.)
Converts an object into its XML representation.
(Inherited from ClientVersionBase.)

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