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The IBackgroundCopyFile3type exposes the following methods.





 XNA Framework Only

 .NET Compact Framework Only

  Member Description
GetFileRanges(UInt32 % , array< BackgroundFileRange > [] () [] [] % )
Gets the ranges you want to download from the remote file
(Inherited from IBackgroundCopyFile2.)
GetLocalName(String % )
Gets local file name
GetProgress(BitsFileProgress % )
Gets file progress
GetRemoteName(String % )
Gets remote file name
GetTemporaryName(String % )
Gets the full path of the temporary file that contains the contents of the download
GetValidationState(Boolean % )
Gets the validation state of the temporary file
IsDownloadedFromPeer(Boolean % )
Gets a valie that determines if any part of the file was downloaded from a peer
Changes the remote name to a new URL in a download job
(Inherited from IBackgroundCopyFile2.)
Sets the validation state of the temporary file

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