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The IMessagetype exposes the following methods.





 XNA Framework Only

 .NET Compact Framework Only

  Member Description
AddCertificateToMessage(MessageCertificateX509, CertificatePurposes)
Adds a certificate to the message
CloneBase () () () ()
Clones a reference of a message. Use this for doing a copy of an existing message (especially of a different type) into this one.

IMPORTANT: This is not the same as Clone () () () () which is why this message type does not implement ICloneable. This does not behave the same as Clone () () () () . It is not recommended that any code outside of Messaging core code use this function without understanding how it works, what its limitations are, and why it's being used.

DeserializeMessageBody () () () ()
Internal handler for deserializing payload to its object format
Discover () () () ()
Automatically discovers local information for sending message
(Inherited from IMessageBase.)
Retrieves X509-based certificate from message. Do not pass in this function as a Flag, otherwise there's no guarantee what value will be returned.
Sends message via the specified sender.
SerializeMessageBody () () () ()
Internal handler for serializing the message payload to its wire-level format
Validate () () () ()
Validates that all required properties are set for the message to be sent successfully
(Inherited from IMessageBase.)

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