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The IBackgroundCopyJob3type exposes the following methods.





 XNA Framework Only

 .NET Compact Framework Only

  Member Description
AddFile(String, String)
Adds file to job
AddFileSet(UInt32, array< BitsFileInfo > [] () [] [] )
Add file set to job
AddFileWithRanges(String, String, UInt32, array< BackgroundFileRange > [] () [] [] )
Add a file to a download job and specify the ranges of the file to download
Cancel () () () ()
Cancels a job
Complete () () () ()
Completes a job
EnumFiles(IEnumBackgroundCopyFiles % )
Enumerates files in job
GetDescription(String % )
Gets job description
GetDisplayName(String % )
Gets job display name
GetError(IBackgroundCopyError % )
Gets job error state synchronously
GetErrorCount(UInt32 % )
Gets error count
GetFileACLFlags(UInt32 % )
Retrieves the flags that identify the owner and ACL information to maintain when downloading a file using SMB
GetId(Guid % )
Gets job ID
GetMinimumRetryDelay(UInt32 % )
Gets minimum retry delay
GetNoProgressTimeout(UInt32 % )
Gets timeout on no progress
GetNotifyCmdLine(String % , String % )
Gets notification command line for job
(Inherited from IBackgroundCopyJob2.)
GetNotifyFlags(UInt32 % )
Gets job notification flags
GetNotifyInterface(IBackgroundCopyCallback % )
Gets notification interface
GetOwner(String % )
Gets job owner
GetPriority(BitsJobPriority % )
Gets job priority
GetProgress(BitsJobProgress % )
Gets job progress synchronously
GetProxySettings(BitsJobProxyUsage % , String % , String % )
Gets proxy settings for job
GetReplyData(IntPtr, UInt64 % )
Gets reply data for job
(Inherited from IBackgroundCopyJob2.)
GetReplyFileName(String % )
Gets reply file name for job
(Inherited from IBackgroundCopyJob2.)
GetReplyProgress(BitsJobReplyProgress % )
Gets reply progress for job
(Inherited from IBackgroundCopyJob2.)
GetState(BitsJobState % )
Gets job state synchronously
GetTimes(BitsJobTimes % )
Gets job times
GetType(BitsJobType % )
Gets job type
RemoveCredentials(BitsAuthTarget, BitsAuthScheme)
Removes credentials from job
(Inherited from IBackgroundCopyJob2.)
ReplaceRemotePrefix(String, String)
Replace the beginning text of all remote names in the job with the given string
Resume () () () ()
Resumes a suspended job
SetCredentials(BitsAuthCredentials % )
Sets job credentials
(Inherited from IBackgroundCopyJob2.)
Sets description for the job
Sets display name for job
Specifies the owner and ACL information to maintain when downloading a file using SMB
Sets minimum retry delay
Sets timeout on no progress
SetNotifyCmdLine(String, String)
Sets notification command line for job
(Inherited from IBackgroundCopyJob2.)
Sets job notification flags
Sets notification flags for job
(Inherited from IBackgroundCopyJob2.)
Sets notification interface
Sets job priority
SetProxySettings(BitsJobProxyUsage, String, String)
Sets proxy settings for job
Sets reply file name for job
(Inherited from IBackgroundCopyJob2.)
Suspend () () () ()
Suspends a job
TakeOwnership () () () ()
Assumes ownership for existing job

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