This section contains detailed reference information about the site configuration server Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. These classes include classes that relate to an installation of Configuration Manager that consists of one or more computers running the Configuration Manager components.

You can configure the components of a site at any time to enhance the management of your site. Configuration information is contained in the install map and the site control file.

When you install Configuration Manager, it creates an install map that describes the initial configuration of the installed features for the server, client, and Configuration Manager console. The install map configuration data is read-only and uses the following classes:

Classes that are derived from SMS_SiteInstallItem use the naming convention SMS_SII_*. Classes that are derived from SMS_SiteInstallItemBase use the naming convention SMS_SIIB_*.

The site control file describes the current configuration of the site and its components. Use the following classes to manage the site control file and the site configuration data:

Classes that are derived from SMS_SiteControlItem use the naming convention SMS_SCI_*. Use these classes to access and modify the configuration items that are contained in the site control file.For information about managing the site control file and changing component configuration, see Configuration Manager Site Control File.

Site Configuration Server WMI Classes

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