The IAppContentExt::GetExcludedFileList method, in Configuration Manager, gets the excluded file list for application content. This is used to support selective file download.

HRESULT GetExcludedFileList(
	 IWbemClassObject* pHandlerSynclet,
	 LPWSTR* pwszExcludedFileList,
	 BOOL* pbForceFileExclusion



Data type: IWbemClassObjectQualifiers: [in].  

Data type: LPWSTRQualifiers: [out]The exclude file list is a single string separated by the ‘:’ character. For example, “File1.txt:File2.exe”.

Data type: BOOLQualifiers: [out]True to force exclusion of files. If False, content framework will decide whether or not excluding them based on network condition and content configuration.

Return Values

An HRESULT code. Possible values include, but are not limited to, the following:


Discovery was triggered successfully. All other return values indicate failure.


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