To define the application management installer technology, implement the Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ApplicationManagement.DeploymentTechnology.InstallerTechnology class. The new class instance will define the installer technology used to install a specific application to devices.

The installer technology is a key extension point for extending the application model. This class is used to define specific metadata about the installation and detection of the technology on client systems concepts such as Detect, Install, and Uninstall.

In the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) sample project, a new installer technology is required for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) files. Deployment support for RDP files is not built-in to Configuration Manager, so a custom installer technology is required.

The InstallerTechnology class name must match the class specified in the InstallerTechnology.xml file.

To define a custom installer technology

  1. Implement the InstallerTechnology class using the Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ApplicationManagement.InstallerTechnology constructor.

    The following example from the RDP sample project demonstrates how to define an installer technology.

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    namespace RdpTechnology
    	//   Installer technology for RDP. 
    	public class RdpInstallerTechnology : InstallerTechnology
    		// Initializes a new instance of the “RdpInstallerTechnology” class. 
    		 public RdpInstallerTechnology()
    			: base(Common.TechnologyId, typeof(RdpInstaller), typeof(RdpContentImporter)) 

    In the RDP sample project, the string parameter is defined in the Common class. The RdpInstaller and RdpContentImporter classes are also defined in the RDP sample project.

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    //   Internal ID of the technology. 
    	public const string TechnologyId = "Rdp";







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