The node XML for the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager console is in workspace XML files located in the %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\XmlStorage\ConsoleRoot\ folder. Your extension node XML files, however, are placed in the folder AdminConsole\XmlStorage\Extensions\Nodes\<GUID>, where <GUID> is the namespace GUID identifier for the parent node.

The following XML defines an extension node called “MyNode”. The “MyNode” node is defined as a child of the Site Configuration node (d61498cb-7b3f-4748-ae3e-026674fb0cbd) in the Administration workspace of the Configuration Manager console. “MyNode” is associated with a Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.ConsoleView.ViewDescription type which is a grid view that ships with Configuration Manager. When the node is selected, it will cause a grid view to appear in the view panel. The grid view displays two properties (RoleName and SiteCode) of each MyClass custom management class instance that is returned by the WQL query.

The UIExtensionsDemo.dll referenced below is an example of referencing a custom assembly. For more information on referencing custom assemblies and custom management classes, see Configuration Manager Console Management Class XML.
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<RootNodeDescription NamespaceGuid="d61498cb-7b3f-4748-ae3e-026674fb0cbd" Id="MyNode" DisplayName="NodeName" Description="NodeDescription">  
	<ConfigurationData xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""> 
 <Actions>  </Actions>  
	<QueryDescription NamespaceGuid="81957874-9c03-4261-84eb-3cf6c31bf251" Type="WQL"> 
	 <Query>SELECT * FROM SMS_SCI_SysResUse</Query> 	 

The important elements are:

Element Description


Describes the root node for the node.

Configuration Manager Console RootNodes Element

Root node for describing the node.


Parent for nodes describing the tree view and result pane.


The assembly from which to load resources for this node instance.


The assembly containing the icon and other image resources used by the node.

For more information, see Configuration Manager Administrator Console Icons.


The view type of the node.

Node Hierarchy

You define cascading nodes in the following manner:

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